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For use in importing a save game into TW2 - six separate versions available.

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UPDATE: As of game version 3.0 (Enhanced Edition), there has been at least one new plot flag added to the import mechanic of TW2; it deals with the plot state of Shani, and whether she she was given custody of Alvin, over Triss. It is a minor thing, if imported into TW2, as it only adds a special journal entry, but at least it's something for you Shani-lovers out there.

The save files for TW1 are kept in Documents\The Witcher\saves, so extract the content of the archives there. (If the game is not installed, I think you can create the folder structure manually.) TW2 should automatically read this folder when you choose to start a new game, and allow you to pick a save to import.

There are only two plot states that are imported into TW2, from TW1. The first is which faction you sided with at the end of Chapter IV: the Order, the Scoia'tael, or if you remained neutral and simply walked away. The second plot state defines whether Adda was killed, or if the curse was lifted. In the case of the latter, she is married to King Radovid of Redania at the start of TW2. Nothing else is taken into consideration when you start up a new game in The Witcher 2, aside from certain weapons and the Raven armour being carried over, if they are currently equipped.

After some toil, my collection of these different save files is complete, and I thought I'd upload them here on the Nexus, just in case someone needed them. After reading that some people have problems importing a save file from the very final area of the game (The Order of the Flaming Rose), each version also contains a save game from the Ice Plains, just before confronting the Grand Master. Since both the relevant plot states have already been established at this point, it doesn't really matter which file you import.

Even so, the save files are as complete as I could possibly make them; I made sure I did every single quest in the game, solving them as properly as I could. I never played a "bad guy," meaning Abigail is alive, and Vincent's curse was lifted, for example. I also collected every type of sword and book in the game, keeping them safely in the storage. None of this matters when the game is imported, of course, but I simply couldn't bear the thought of having an incomplete save file.

I have deliberately kept all importable items away from these save files, allowing for an authentic, "clean" start in TW2. I also did this in order to avoid having to upload a multitude of alternative files, each with a different combination of silver- and steel swords, in order to cater to every possible request. All the swords (and the Raven's Armor) are available in the storage, however, so if you really want them, you can simply load up the save file of your choice, in TW1, and if you've installed this mod, you will be able to open up the storage and alter your current equipment any way you like. After you're done, save the game, and then use that save file when starting TW2. Easy as pie.

UPDATE: Since version 3.0 (Enhanced Edition) of the game, it seems the Mahakaman Rune Sihil (G'valchir) will always be imported, even if you don't have it equipped. It's possible that the import flags have changed, and read quest completion rather than current equipment, in this particular case. Short of re-doing this entire project and skipping that quest, there's nothing I can do about this.