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Mods the properties of weight on items so most minor items are trivial weight, eliminating the need to mod Geralt\'s carry capacity.

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I don't care for the weight limits in Witcher 2. They created a complex rafting system -- without you being able to be logically aware of what items you MIGHT need later, and no way to store items. A number of mods have attempted to tackle this problem by individually changing Geralt's weight limit (moding geralt_basic.xml), which seems to have been broken in 1.2, or by individually going through and modding a lot of items -- something that conflicts with many other item mods and is terribly time consuming.


I have modded the def_weights.xml file so that all items who property of weight of .1, .2, .5, 1, 18, and 20 are all equivalent to 0 (weightless). This means no having to change item by item. For example, now schematics and most crafting items are weightless, because each has the property of .1 weight or .5 weight or 1 weight -- which in Geralt's "Weight Watcher's" world now has 0 weight.

Why 18 and 20 as well? The two armours you are bound to start with now weight 20 each -- therefore making it so you can learn to play with armour enhancements early without having to sell one or the other before you have decided between them.


Place def_weights.xml in CookedPC/items in your Witcher2 directory.


Delete the def_weights.xml


Use an xml editor. The properties for each weight class are listed as a min and a max. change these values to what you wish -- you can 0 out all weights, half the weight of only the heaviest items, make Geralt auto-encumbered for having a single recipe -- it's your call. :)

Please enjoy, and feedback is welcomed! My first mod!