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We all love The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and come back to the game from time to time to satisfy our nostalgia and re-live a good story. But playing the Prologue and Chapter One can be boring sometimes and for some people. So I decided to use a Witcher 1 savefile and started a game on 'Normal' difficulty.

Permissions and credits
In my save files I have used only two mods.

TW1 Saves by Kindo (
Zero Weight Mod by raven4444 (

Many thanks to both of those mod authors

Witcher 2 Save File Path: C -> Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> userdata -> 20920 -> remote 

Chapter I - Start at the Main square of Flotsam  (TW1 Save: Sided with the Order of the Flaming Rose - Adda lives.)

- Got the passive ability - Assassin 
- Got the passive ability - Cover
- Spared Aryan
- The (annoying) nobleman got slapped
- The citizens of La Valette castle were rescued (Didn't take their gold)
- Snuck out of the castle quietly
- Aryan La Valette was carried to the oil storage
- Tried to loot everything
- The hair is Cintrian Pendulum

Chapter I - Roche or Iorveth 

- Did all the side quests (Monster contracts, dice poker, arm wrestling, fighting...)
- Got the passive abilities - Haggling, Resistance to Magic, Strong Stomach, Summer's Crown 
- Helped Roche when his men attacked during conversation with Letho (Wanted a peaceful Flotsam. You can always choose Iorveth's path after that)
- Crafted the Kayran armor
- Lots of Orens (About 3300 or more)
- Never slept with the courtesans or Triss (For Team Yennefer players)
- The hair is Cintrian Pendulum
- Tried to be as peaceful as possible, but used intimidation or persuasion when they were necessary and never failed. 
- Removed the tattoo. (Sorry for those who wished for it)


> All side quests are done
> Henselt wasn't killed in the Siege of Vergen (Chapter II)
> Adam Pangratt was spared (Chapter II)
> Knights of the Order of the Flaming Rose welcomed Geralt warmly (TW1 - Sided with the Order, Adda lives)
> Accused both Count Maravel and Baron Kimbolt
> No Romance
> Best armor and weapon sets are acquired
> Character Level: 30
> Orens: 11.000+
> Difficulty: Normal
> Hair: Elven Style (Hair all let out. TW1 Hair)