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This mod from a mod restores the default main menu theme for those who have installed Master Witcher Redux mod. I made this because of personal preference, but as I saw many comments of people who would like the original theme back, I decided to share.

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This little mod is composed of only one file: scripts.dzip.

To install the mod just copy this file to your master_witcher folder (Documents\Witcher 2\UserContent\master_witcher) replacing the original scripts.dzip

Just to explain a little (and register) theĀ "reverse engineering" I did, the only change on this new file is on a .ws file packed within it that contains scripts about the main menu interface. I compared this script with the one from the original game and changed just the line that had a music playing function whose parameter was the path to the music added by the mod. I also erased some extra if-else steps the author made so that he could have 4 alternating musics on the menu. Finally, I checked if the changes I made had any impact on other parts of the script, for example, if the variables involved were used elsewhere, and found no problems.

Summarizing: as only a portion of this specific main menu file was altered and reverted back to its original state, nothing else beyond the music should change and so this should be a really safe to install mod.

Even so, it is of good practice to keep backup of the Master Witcher scripts.dzip (or you can just download again if needed). If any problem arises just after installing this, just swap back to the original file and, please, let me know.

As I am posting the mod the same day I made it, I haven't had time to properly play the game for much time yet, but of course I opened the menu, heard the results, and navigated through the very well made mod options to see if everything was ok.

That's it! Good Witchering to you all!

NOTE: When I made the first file for this mod I wasn't aware that Master Witcher had a patch to version 1.5.1, so now there are two files on the downloads section, one for master witcher version 1.5 and other for 1.5.1.