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It's a guide how to open real potential of RedEngine in Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition.

Following these easy steps you'll be able to substantially improve graphics quality, game performance, boost fps, make animation smoother without downloading any files, using only Windows notepad.

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First of all you need to run config tool by pressing "Options" in game launcher. Then set all graphics settings to their maximum.
(*V-Sync should be turned on to prevent picture tearing. Turn off Motion blur it's just awful. Bloom effect - mostly causing oversaturation, beter turn it off too. Turn off Light Shafts they're just an annoyance especialy in dungeons.)

Save all changes in config tool and run the game. Set all in-game setting to your preference, save it and exit the game.

Next you need to find user.ini file. In Windows system it located under "My Documents\Witcher 2\Config\". Open user.ini with notepad and make next changes in the following lines under "[Rendering]". If some of these lines are absent simply add them in this sequence:


Keep in mind, that these parameters are the maximum the game can recognize. Any further escalation of these parameters above mentioned won't has an effect.

Next, find parameter "UberSampling" and set it to:


Changing it from 2 to 1 keeps high quality textures but turns off old performance hungry AA technology. This substantially increase performance rate without quality lose. Speaking of AA, game has alternative AA mode very similar to TAA in later Bethesda games.
To activate it find parameter "AllowSharpen" and change it to:


Check Dangling Objects Limit setting, it should has value "0":


Make sure MeshDistanceScale value at "1.2" and add the new line with parameter "FoliageDistanceScale=1.2":


You can set both parameters even higher (1.7 for example) but it will cost more system resources. (*Only if your PC specs equal or higher then Intel i7, 16Gb RAM, 4Gb VRAM with ≥ Nvidia GTX 960 graphics card.)

And the last but not least, increase dedicated VRAM value from 600 to 2048:


Save changes and set user.ini file to read-only. I recomend to backup that file on your computer or storage device.

And after this DO NOT open the config tool again or else it will delete user.ini file you've made.