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I love games, and love making things. So, making game mods it's right up my alley, although I tend to share only a very small percentage of the mods I make. Sadly with the recent crap I went through with Nexus, I'm even less inclined to share my mods. I have mods for Portal 2, Fallout (3, New Vegas and 4), Oblivion, Skyrim, The Witcher (1, 2 and 3), Saints Row (2 and 3), World of Warcraft... basically if it's a game I like, and I can mod it, I will. I even have composed some songs into "Smule the Magic Piano" (on my iPad). Which, if you play that game and are interested, you can search for "feyawen" and they will come up.

I also love Anime. Because of this I speak a little bit of Japanese... very little, don't try to talk to me in Japanese I probably won't understand you. I have tons of Manga. I'm a huge Sword Art Online fan, and I love some of the more quirky anime like The Devil is a Part Timer.

Creating stories is my favorite thing. Which is why I love RPG's so much. I love the freedom of games like Skyrim that allow me create an in depth back story providing my characters motives and decision making. Often a character will make a choice I wouldn't and that makes the play through more intense for me.

Okay, so the questions I get asked a lot more than I should like...

Are you a girl?
Yes, according to my vagina, I am. Why is it so hard to believe a girl plays video games? We play games. I think there are just as many of us as there are guys these days.

OMG I love you will you marry me?
No. You can't handle me. Trust me on that. I'm a cutter and a masochist and it takes a special kind of domineering person to deal with me.

Is Feyawen your real name?
Yes. My friends just call me "Fey" and yes I know it sounds a lot like gay. And yes, I did get teased as a kid, thanks for asking. And, no, that rhyme you just thought of is not original.

Will you be my friend?
Sure! But, I'm pretty boring really.

Peace, Love, and Kindness,
~ Feyawen A. R-R.

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