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Bug fixes, restored content, QoL improvements.

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-Short Description-
Bug fixes, restored content, QoL improvements.

-Extended Description-
This fix pack aims to restore missing content still hidden in the games files while also fixing up some of the bugs in the game. Also includes some general quality of life improvements, like giving access to storage in Chapter V and increasing item stacking values. Currently contains 83 different fixes/improvements.

Full changelist, click to expand (includes spoilers for the game):

-Complimentary Mods-
For an even better experience I highly recommend installing these mods alongside Project Mersey:
Missing Kalkstein and Leuvaarden Clues Fix - Fixes broken clues, so you can finish "Suspect: Kalkstein" and "Suspect: Leuvaarden" quests through investigation. Absolute must have.
Han Gives Han NOT Berbercane - Self explanatory.

Download the archive. Extract the folder ProjectMersey and drop it in your Data/Override folder.

This mod will work best if you start a fresh game. Most of the fixes will work on an existing save game, if loaded from before the bug happens.
.qst (quest files) fixes will only work in a new game, unless you use the Save Game Editor and swap the bugged file with my fixed file. You still need to load the game from before the quest is assigned.

Delete the ProjectMersey folder.

Thanks to grandvel for Russian and Polish translation for some of the journal entries.
Thanks to Alexander Wolf for Hungarian translation for some of the journal entries.