The Witcher
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Foltest retextured to resemble his appearance in The Witcher 2.

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This mod changes Foltest's head and body textures to make him resemble his appearance in The Witcher 2.

I have decided not to try and recreate the whole armor from W2, as that would have just looked ridiculous considering the difference of the models. Instead, I retextured parts of his armor to capture the style of the W2 version.

The mod includes the knight armor model used by Patrick de Weyze and Radovid. I had to change a texture reference inside the model file because originally, it pointed to Foltest's body texture. With the modded model, both NPCs now use another texture instead of Foltest's (included). The change ensures that they keep their default body appearance and do not change to the new Foltest texture.


Unzip the file and copy the "Override" folder into your "The Witcher\Data" directory.


Remove the following files from "The Witcher\Data\Override":


Have fun!