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Adds sleeves/leggings to Shani's outfit & reduces makeup. Based on work from Bluegun222 (Shani Tunic Retexture), Kanapkajill (Shani's Outfit) and LordMaximStark (TW1 New Cute Shani)

Permissions and credits
I found it really funny and jarring when I first met Shani and she was just chilling in her minidress in the pouring rain. I really liked Kanapkajill and Bluegun222's interpretations of Shani's outfit so I decided to have a go at doing some tweaks myself! I know it won't be to everyone's tastes, but I like how it came out anyway. :) 

Here's a specific list of changes I've made based off of Bluegun222's work:
  • Change undershirt back to white (by Kanapkajill)
  • Change bracelet textures back to sharpened version (by Kanapkajill)
  • Add extra shading/definition around eyes, nose, brows (used work by Roxtar as base for eyes)
  • Redraw eyebrows/lips/cheeks with more natural tone and shape
  • Add wrinkles to sleeves at elbow
  • Add hem stitching to shirt collar and sleeve cuffs
  • Even up edge of sleeve so that it matches across the seam
I'm not really planning on updating this further, I'm just going ahead and posting it because life is short. I absolutely don't mind taking it down if any of the authors are uncomfortable with it. 

None that I know of!

Copy the folder 'Natural Shani' with the 2 textures in it over to your Override folder, found at:
Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data
If the Override folder does not yet exist, just make a new folder and rename it Override. 

Simply delete the following files from the Override folder:
Shani will revert to default textures. 

Outfit: Shani's Outfit by Kanapkajill
Face (makeup): TW1 New Cute Shani by LordMaximStark
Outfit (lace detail on legs) & face (makeup): Shani Tunic Retexture by Bluegun222
Face (eyes): Hi-Res Character Models by Roxtar
Many thanks to these guys! Remember to go endorse their mods if you enjoy this :)