The Witcher
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This mod makes several small changes to various quests in the game.

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The archive includes:
- "Berengar's Secret" now requires to speak with all three Kalkstein, Coleman and Ramsmeat to progress (I did it because they all provide interesting little pieces of information about Berengar; note that you won't be able to complete this phase if even one of them is dead/not being talked to about the witcher);
- Chapter V contracts will now disappear from inventory after completing corresponding quests (like any other in previous acts);
- "Dice Poker: The Novice" and "Dice Poker: The Professional" will only progress after defeating all 8 novices or/and 8 professionals (if you decide to mod "Dice Poker: The Professional" you will not be able to play with Koster and can only ask Dandelion about sharpers in act IV);
- If you chose to support Scoia'tael in "Gold Rush" Velerad won't play with you, to change that copy files from his folder;
- "The Cannibal" is supposed to reward you with Azoth too if you let him live, this file fixes that and also adds this drink and a formula to his corpse if you want to kill him;
- The thugs from optional phase in "Worth its Weight in Gold" will never initiate a dialogue with them, with my limited knowledge in modding and inability to edit scripts for this game all I could do is made possible to talk to them and actually complete this phase;
- Yamo Ryeboozer will now reward you even if you've already outdrunk the drunkard from the Outskirts.

Choose what tweaks you want and put them in Override folder in ...\The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data\ (if you don't have it create one). Keep in mind that the *.qst files will only work after you start a new game.