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Hate the fact that you are trapped in Chapter V without just a couple of the teeth the Dentist wants?

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Like maybe some of you, I got to Chapter V in the game (Enhanced Edition) and tried to complete the dwarf Dentist quest (Won't Hurt A Bit).
I had got my Devourer tooth dutifully stored and retrieved and had knocked that grumpy old hermit silly to get his bloody biter.
Turned out I was missing just the stupid Alp fangs -- I hadn't read my Vampire book because the fleder fangs didn't need them, I didn't care to do all the kill quest contracts, etc., and of course, there didn't seem to be a way to get the book.

If you have no completionist shame and don't want to personally relive your KOTOR modding days, you can just follow in my footsteps and place these script, dialogue, and template files loose in your Override folder.
(e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data\override)
Preferably, do this just before starting Chapter 5 or in the early phases of it - there isn't any need to have any of this earlier in the game.

What will happen is this.
The dentist (while stationed in the Executioner's Tower basement) will now have a little more functionality.

When you choose the "This place looks ... strange" conversation path to its conclusion, the teeth most likely to be inaccessible to you in Chapter 5 (i.e. the Barghest skull, the Alp fangs, and the Devourer tooth) will be added to your inventory so that you can complete the quest.

Can't do the Fistfight quest? Don't care to beat up the cemetaurs, fleders, and mutants... Well, you should still be able to get all the teeth.
Follow the above dialogue, but when you are at least a little bit DRUNK. Then you will get the extra teeth (n.b. that this includes a quest item, the bloody tooth). I have not had problems, but I would logically do this after completing the Fistfight quest.

Since it looks like multiple others have done Chapter V storage access mods that use the Dentist, I added that functionality to this dialogue so you should not have to merge the conversation trees. If you have not met the Dentist in the tower's basement, you can use the store button as normal.
If you HAVE seen him, the trick is to make him unload the copy of his vendor inventory baked into your save -- I can trigger this by not pressing the store button after enabling the mod and loading the save. First, I use his sleep button to rest for 24 hours, go downstairs, and then use the Store button. This is what I think has been going on with the use of the previous "access storage through the dentist" mods (if you press the store button after encountering him but without such a trick, you will access his vendor inventory).

The dentist will also have an option to play poker (for the little money he has).