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This mod has been updated 4/5/21 and now should work correctly!

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for Dice Poker is: 3 rounds, low bets, Unfair AI (the farther you progress, the more the odds are stacked against you rolling good combos and the more the AI will roll good combos). Therefor, dice poker must be edited to make it more fair. 

  • All files labeled "SuperEasy" put the odds completely on your side; play well and you'll win nearly every round.
  • All files labeled "Easier AI" Creates a fair match every time, progressing in difficulty with you.
  • All files labeled "Default AI" remain unchanged. 

Want to actually make money playing poker?

  • All files labeled "10x Bet" take the default amount of money of an AI would bet and multiplies it by 10. For example, if you would be able to bet 10 orens max, you can now bet up to 100. 
  • All Files Labeled "Default bet" remain unchanged.

The default length of a round is 3 hands.

  • All files labeled "1 round" means you either win or you lose in just one round.
  • All files labeled "3 Rounds" remain unchanged.  

This mod will conflict with any mod that edits the mg_poker.2da file. If you want me to combine mods that edit this file, just ask. 

Possible Glitch: If you install one of the files, save your game, and then change the file, it will glitch. It won't show the amount of money you're betting anymore. I suggest you keep a saved game before you have installed this mod, test out which version you like best, and then use that one only for the rest of your game. 

Don't see a combination you like? Just ask for it and I would be happy to accommodate you. 

You need to navigate to your "Data" folder in your install folder for Witcher and either create or open the "Override" folder. Unzip the file there and search for the combination you want; Pick ONLY ONE file to use and delete the rest. You must pick ONLY ONE file or it won't work at all. 

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