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Makes going to level 50 worthwhile without feeling like a cheat.

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I recently decided to replay this game and realized I had a number of small mods sitting on my hard drive that I had made years ago but never uploaded. And there are still no good alternatives on the Nexus (or the ones that did exist have been removed). This simple mod is great for completionists. In the vanilla game, getting to level 50 requires a lot of time grinding and the reward is disappointing because the last few levels offer talent points that often prove useless. With this mod, if you get to level 50 and manage to create all mutagens that grant talent points (important), you will actually be able to max out all your skills! At the same time, it does not alter lower levels. The changes only begin around level 38, so you still have to work hard to maximize your skills. But now, there is actually an incentive to level up to 40+!!! While there are other mods which offer more talent points, they often feel like cheats because they grant the points far too early. This is for players who wish to take the time to maximize their XP later in the game.


Just extract the archive as-is to your Data\ folder. You should end up with a file like:
[The Witcher Folder]\Data\override\talentstable.2da


Incompatible with any mod which alters the above file. Otherwise, it won't conflict with anything.