The Witcher
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Allows for stacking more items in a balanced way that doesn't feel so much like a cheat.

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I recently decided to replay this game and realized I had a number of small mods sitting on my hard drive that I had made years ago but never uploaded. And there are still no good alternatives on the Nexus (or the ones that did exist have been removed). This one is similar in concept to Item Stacking and Equipment Slots Mod, but doesn't feel quite as much like a cheat. For one thing, this doesn't unlock slots prematurely. Also, it doesn't allow for nearly as large stacks of items. Most small items can be stacked to twice (or better) the original amount. Only a couple items allow stacks of 999 in quantity (namely alchemy ingredients). Others (like food, bombs, oils, etc.) are greatly increased but not to an insane number. This always felt more balanced to me, but use whatever suits your play style.


Just extract the archive as-is to your Data\ folder. You should end up with a file like:
[The Witcher Folder]\Data\override\baseitems.2da


Not compatible with any mod which alters the above 2DA file. such as the one listed above.