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Simple mod that allows higher bets for dice poker without being a cheat.

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I recently decided to replay this game and realized I had a number of small mods sitting on my hard drive that I had made years ago but never uploaded. And there are still no good alternatives on the Nexus (or the ones that did exist have been removed). This one does just what it says. It increases the min/max bets for all dice poker games to be 10x the original values. It does nothing else. It does not change your odds of winning, etc. Some of the older poker mods out there always felt like cheats to me, so this is what I've been using. You can win much more, but you can also lose much more if you are not careful. Good way to make money if you use it wisely (or are willing to save/load repeatedly, you cheater).


Just extract the archive as-is to your Data\ folder. You should end up with a file like:
[The Witcher Folder]\Data\override\mg_poker.2da


There aren't many mods on the Nexus that alter this file that I'm aware of. So conflict risks are low.

FCR had an option to make dice poker easier, and that would conflict with this. In which case, the simplest way to make this compatible would be to move the 2DA file to a folder named something like "Data\zzzz_LucrativePoker\" and problem solved. Dice Poker would be both easier and more lucrative this way.

The only mod on the Nexus that I know is completely incompatible is One-round Dice Poker Mod. I have no plans to make an alternate version of my mod that lessons the number of rounds at this time.