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A 2K friendly mod of the RoWW's font scheme to make things easier to read at higher resolutions. See comparison shots. This mod will also work if you don't have RoWW installed.

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A 2K friendly mod of the RoWW mod's font scheme to make things easier to read. See comparison shots. I'm using AMD's VSR which upscales 720p to 2K. As a result, the fonts may seem a bit blurry in the images. That's because of the VSR, not because of the mod. If your fonts look sharp in your setup, they'll stay like that after the mod.

Although I made this mod for RoWW, I've tested with RoWW disabled+unpatched Witcher.exe file and it works the exact same way.

There's an optional download where I've increased the default to 30 (from 24). It's the one I like but maybe not for everyone.

Some of the dialog boxes are too small for the big fonts and will look funny but still work. For example, when your betting
during the fist fight or when your offering a bribe.

Unzip the mod, dump Data folder into the Witcher Game dir, merge and overwrite when prompted.

If you had the font option installed for RoWW before installing this mod:
Go to <you Witcher dir>\Data\z_zrotww\fonts
delete fonts.2da
rename fonts.2da.RoWWoriginal -> fonts.2da

If you did not have the font option installed for RoWW before installing this mod:
delete <you Witcher dir>\Data\z_zrotww\fonts

Making your own scheme:
This mod uses a 2da file instead of a hexed 2da00.bif file, so you can make your own
font schemes as well. 2da fles can be editted with notepad but I
wouldn't recommend it. Just get the neverwinternights 2da editor from:

With your tool of choice edit the included fonts.2da file. Just use as a reference the font cache
in <your Witcher directory>\System\__cache. If the size and fonts
are there, the game can use it, if they're not, you won't be able to
see it when you play the game. In addition to font size, keep an eye out
for outline (_o_) or normal (_n_) in the file names as you will need to
specify that when making the custom font schemes.