The Witcher

About this mod

This mod is based on Geralt's Outfit Colors featured at the end (scene) of The Witcher: E.E. Enjoy!
To install this utility, place the entire file in the Override file inside your Witcher's Data file. You don't have an "Override" file??? CREATE ONE!

Permissions and credits
I hope you enjoy my editing work. ^_^

The following list metions the Mods with their respective creators, which some parts of those are in used on this file or/and inspired me to create this mod:
Special Thanks to...

RivianNomad (Dark Leather and Left Arm Chainmail Armor Mod)
Vandarion (Geralt Shining Gold Eyes)
Kimono (Ivory Silver Blade textures)
Siusao (Concept Art Mod)
Roxtar (Dark Geralt Mod and Black Steel handle)
ScripterRon (TWArchive - Version 2.0)>>> ScripterRon!!! YOU MADE MY DAY, THANK YOU!!! ^_^