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Makes the missing clues for Suspect:Kalkstein and Suspect:Leuvaarden available.

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In Act II, Suspect:Kalkstein and Suspect:Leuvaarden cannot be completed solely through investigation due to two clues being unavailable, despite all the necessary scripts and dialogue existing. This mod alters the Suspect Notes obtained from Raymond after he's attacked by Salamandra so that it provides you the information that Kalkstein may have magical ability and Leuvaarden is involved in illegal business, thereby allowing you to complete these quests just like any other "Suspect: So-And-So" quest.

Since all the other information in the Suspect Notes is available elsewhere, I opted to replace the clues. In Kalkstein's case, nothing changes because you'll always have that information by then anyway. However, in Leuvaarden's case, you'll have to speak to the three Mercenary Guards at the Dike to get it (you might have to exit and re-enter to cycle their dialogue).

This mod works even if you've already started these two quests and also if you've already obtained the Suspect Notes. In the latter case, simply re-reading the notes will add the new info to your Journal and update the necessary variables.

To install, simply put the script in your Override folder. If you haven't got one, create it in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder.