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Fixes a rare bug with the Gambling Ghost in Chapter 4.

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When you get to Chapter 4, there will be a time when you need to find Alvin to give him the amulet that Triss sent with Dandelion. If you gave Alvin to Triss in Chapter 3, he'll be at the Ruins. When you get to those Ruins, a wraith named Gambling Ghost will ask you to dice for Alvin.

If you refuse to dice with the ghost, you have to kill him, and if you do, there's no problem. If you dice with him, though, sometimes the Gambling Ghost turns hostile when you win. If you exit the area before killing him, when you return to the area, you can neither talk to the ghost nor kill him, and you can't give Alvin that important amulet, so the game can't progress.

This little mod fixes that problem. It's unnecessary if you DON'T have that problem, so don't install this mod unless you KNOW you have that bug.


Once you've installed the mod, start your game and wait 3 -5 seconds, and you'll be given a scroll.

Go to the Ruins, read the scroll, and the screen should go black for a minute or two while Alvin walks towards you and begins the dialogue for the next part of his quest.

How this works is that reading the scroll gives you a hidden journal entry that tells the game that you won dice poker against the ghost. Since it's a HIDDEN journal entry, you won't get a visible journal update on your screen. (The game uses lots of hidden journal entries to control the flow of events, and this is just one of them.)

After you've finished reading the scroll, you can drop it, then take the folder I've given you out of your Data folder. (If you don't take it out, you'll just be given a copy of the scroll again, the next time you change areas, and there's no need for it to take up a space in your inventory.)

The def_arealoaded.ncs and custom_script.ncs files will conflict with most mods, including FCR, the Stuff mod, the Scabbard mod, and most of my mods. So you'll need to take out your mods while the game is being fixed; you can add them all back in again once your Alvin quest is back on track.

And no, no matter whether you give Alvin to Triss or to Shani, whether you fight the ghost or dice with him, there's no getting rid of Alvin. At this point in the game, you're stuck with him. :-)


The scroll's name and description are in English, so if you're playing in another language, you may want to switch your text language to English for the minute it takes to get the scroll and read it. You can always switch back to your own language right afterward.


Download the file. Unzip it and put the folder zz_GamblingGhostFix in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder.

To uninstall, simply delete the zz_GamblingGhostFix folder.

Remember to remove all other mods that use def_arealoaded.ncs and custom_script.ncs, including FCR, the Stuff mod, the Scabbard mod, the Genie Wish mod, and others. You can put those mods back in as soon as you've received the scroll.

Installation Help For Those Having Trouble Finding Their Data Folder

If you have trouble finding your Data folder (Yes, I swear, you DO have one!), then go to the shortcut that you use to start the game, right-click on it, and scroll down to Properties, then click on that. The Properties box that pops up will have a path to your launcher.exe or witcher.exe file in a box labelled Target. Make note of that path! The path to launcher.exe will lead you to your The Witcher Enhanced Edition folder, which will have four subfolders: Data, Launcher, Register, and System. The path to witcher.exe will lead you to your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\System folder. Just go up one level, and you'll be in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition folder, where you'll see those four subfolders: Data, Launcher, Register, and System.

Thanks to J_Slash for the def_arealoaded.ncs script.

I made this mod at the request of Balduran at the Witcher forum, so thanks to Balduran for alerting me to this problem and for giving me a saved game with the bug so that I could test this fix.