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Fixes a bug that makes your Han plants give Berbercane; now you get the Han fibers that you were always supposed to get

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There's a bug in The Witcher, such that Han plants have Han fibers in them the first time you go to any given Han plant, but if you want to pick Han fibers from that plant in the future, you'll find it has Berbercane fruit in it instead. This fix makes Han plants refill themselves with Han fibers, not Berbercane fruit. This is important partly for making the world make sense and partly to increase the supply of Rebis in Chapter 4, which is a bit scarce without this fix.

This fix now comes in two versions:

1. The REGULAR VERSION of this fix doesn't INCREASE the amount of the herb; it merely changes it from Berbercane fruit to the Han fiber that it was supposed to be all along.

This script is called when the plant refills itself, so if your Han plant already has Berbercane in it, you'll need to pick the Berbercane -- to make the plant empty -- before the new script will refill it with Han.

2. The PLENTIFUL HAN version both changes the refill from Berbercane to the Han that it was supposed to be AND makes the plant give you more Han fibers -- 5 per day.

The han plants call the script that refills them every (in-game) night at 23:00 (11 p.m.), so the new number of han fibers won't be there until after 23:00 the first day that you play after adding this mod.


To use, simply put the enclosed file -- hemp.ncs -- in your Override folder. If you haven't got an Override folder, just make one; it goes in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder.


If for some reason, you actually WANT your Han plants to start giving you Berbercane fruit, just take the hemp.ncs file out of your Override folder.