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Kalkstein will now pay you for the expenses you incurred in opening the tower in the swamp, in addition to giving you the 1000 orens reward he promised you.

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Kalkstein promises to pay you 1000 orens to open the tower in the swamp, which sounds like riches until you realize that it cost YOU 1150 orens in expenses. Unfair!

Geralt doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who'd keep his mouth shut about his legitimate expenses, nor does Kalkstein seem like the kind of man who'd intentionally take advantage of an employee. But CDPR didn't give Geralt any way to claim his expenses, and every time I've played Chapters 2 and 3, I've thought that was unfair.

So I did something about it. ;)

When you talk to Kalkstein about having opened the tower in the swamp, after he tells you that you've earned your reward, Geralt will say that this "reward" doesn't even cover his expenses:

Kalkstein is rather unworldly, so it's not surprising that he didn't realize that there were expenses involved. But he's not a bad man:

So Geralt lays it all out for him:

Kalkstein protests his innocence, and I believe him:

Then he pays up:

When the quest updates, you'll get a notification on your screen that you got 1000 orens reward. After you've given Kalkstein back his teleportation stone and the Tower tarot card and his notes and all that jazz, you'll get another notification that you've recieved 1150 orens for your expenses:

Since you got 1150 for your expenses and 1000 for the reward, that adds up. Before:

And after payment:

The new dialogue lines are not voiced, so the conversation won't advance automatically; you'll need to click on the screen once you've read an unvoiced dialogue line in order to get it to advance to the next line.

You'll need to have an empty inventory slot when you talk to Kalkstein, so if your inventory is full, drop one item before you speak to him.

There are two possible places where you can have this conversation with Kalkstein, depending on your choices in Chapter 2.

If Kalkstein is NOT present at the tower at the end of Chapter 2, then you have this conversation with him at the beginning of Chapter 3. I had a saved game from then, and I tested this mod, and everything worked great.

If Kalkstein IS present at the tower at the time that you open the tower, you have this conversation at the end of Chapter 2. I wasn't able to test that version, because I don't have a saved game from then (I usually take "Raymond" to the tower). But it's the same conversational lines, and they call the same script, so it should work in the same way as the version I tested.

Put all of these files in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder. The only files I've altered are two of Kalkstein's conversation files -- cn_kalkstein10.dlg and cn_kalkstein11.dlg. As far as I know, no other mod alters those files, so this mod shouldn't conflict with any others.

Files below. Remember to unzip them before installing.

Have fun!