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Did you find a certain important object in the crypt in Vizima's cemetery? And are you now unable to advance in the Vizima Confidential quest? We can fix that.

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This fix contains a spoiler for a very important fact about Chapter 2 of TW1. Don't read any further if you have not yet played Chapter 2 of The Witcher!

There's a bug in Chapter 2 of The Witcher that makes the game potentially unfinishable. After you hire Raymond to investigate Salamandra for you, after several further interactions with Raymond, the game progresses to the point where a little boy comes to find you and asks you to go see Raymond. You can break the game if you DON'T go see him then. If you find Raymond's body in the crypt BEFORE you go see Raymond after the little boy comes to get you, then you're stuck.

I've made a fix for stuck people, but it takes a certain do-it-yourself ability on your part. I've hacked the Vizima Confidential quest using Djinni, to force the quest past the stuck point. To make the new version of the quest work, you need to put the new version of the quest INSIDE your saved game and you also need to put the supporting files into your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder.

The quests are part of your saved game files, so you can't alter a quest by simply putting a new quest file in the Override folder, the way you can alter other things. BUT you can open your saved game with ScripterRon's wonderful Saved Game Editor (found at, take out the broken version of the quest, and put in my hacked version.

You also need a few files that DO go into the Override folder, though; make sure you BOTH add the hacked quest file to your saved game AND put the other files in your Override folder; the fix doesn't work without both parts.

This fix doesn't PREVENT the bug; it just fixes it if you get stuck. The best prevention, by far, is to follow the little boy as soon as he comes to get you.

No Djinni skills are required -- I've done that for you -- all you have to be able to use is the Saved Game Editor.  You can download the Saved Game Editor at

Don't be intimidated by the number of steps below! There are a lot of steps because I've tried to specify everything you need to do, to make this as fool-proof as possible. It's actually all very easy. ;)

To fix your game, do this:

Simple Instructions for Advanced Users

1. Open your saved game using the Saved Game Editor and replace the broken quest file with the new quest file I've given you.

2. Put the Override folder in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder.

Detailed instructions for Less Advanced Users

1. Download and install ScripterRon's Saved Game Editor (I didn't make it, and I don't maintain or support it, so you're mostly on your own when installing it, though sometimes Tommy or Licaon_Kter from the Witcher forum can help you get it installed and working if you have trouble with it.  I'm also told that there's useful information in this post at the Steam site.)

2. Download and unzip

3. Create an empty folder -- you can put it anywhere, as long as you can find it again ;) -- and name it something like UnpackSavedGameFilesHere.

4. Back up your saved game by copying it to your desktop.

5. Start up the Saved Game Editor. Open your saved game by going to the File menu, then choosing Open. You'll get a pop-up box that lists all of the saved games that are in your The Witcher\saves folder; pick the saved game you want to edit.

6. Once the right game is open, choose the option to Unpack the files to that UnpackSavedGameFilesHere folder you created; you'll find Unpack under the Action menu.

7. Leave the Saved Game Editor open. Meanwhile, go to the UnpackSavedGameFilesHere folder and remove the file q2101_thecase.qst. (Do not remove or alter any other file!)

8. Go into the NewQuestFile folder I've given you (inside the FixVizimaConfidential folder you downloaded), and copy the q2101_thecase.qst file that you'll find inside it. (Copy just the quest file; do NOT copy the folder. There should be no folders inside your saved game.)

9. Paste this new version of q2101_thecase.qst into the UnpackSavedGameFilesHere folder.

10. Go back to the Saved Game Editor and tell it to Repack your files. Save the saved game and exit the Saved Game Editor.

11. Take the Override folder I've given you (inside the FixVizimaConfidential folder you downloaded) and put the folder and its contents in your The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data folder.

12. Your game should work now!

What to do in-game once your saved game has been fixed

Once all the files are in place, start up The Witcher and load the new saved game you've just made. Then follow these steps:

1. Talk to Raymond, and he'll tell you about the dead prisoner and suggest an autopsy.
2. You'll get a journal update that says that you don't need to do the autopsy because you already know who's guilty, through having found Raymond's body in the crypt.
3. Talk to Raymond again, and tell him that you've done the autopsy. (This isn't a bug; Geralt is intentionally lying.)
4. Raymond will say he needs some time to think about things, so exit Raymond's house.
5. Go back into Raymond's house and talk to him again. Things should proceed normally from there.

This fix is ONLY for this one specific problem with the Vizima Confidential quest -- the case where you've found Raymond's body in the crypt before you've followed the boy to see Raymond -- so you have not and CAN NOT pay Raymond his 200 orens, and hear that he wants you to do an autopsy. If you're having some OTHER problem with the Vizima Confidential quest, you should post a question about it in the Chapter 2 section of the TW1 subforum, as usual.