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Removes the low-level, annoying monsters from the Swamp Cemetery in Chapter 5 of The Witcher 1

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SUMMARY: This mod gives you a scroll, which you can have Geralt read at any time in Chapter 5. Once you read it, nearly all of the drowners, bloedzuigers, and drowned dead in the Swamp Cemetery will disappear. (Lily, her bruxae friends, the garkains you need for their saliva, and the wraiths in the cemetery will all still spawn; this mod only stops the low-level annoyances, not the serious monsters.)

INSTALLATION: Download the folder, unzip it, and put all of the files it contains into your Override folder. If you don't have an Override folder, then you'll need to make one. The Override folder does NOT go into the Witcher folder where your saved games are; it goes in the Witcher folder where the game data is. This is The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data

---> Thanks to J_Slash for the def_arealoaded.ncs script. <----

CONFLICTS: There are a lot of mods that use the def_arealoaded.ncs and custom_script.ncs scripts, including the Scabbard Mod, the Wolf Companion Mod, and a lot of others. If you simply put them all into your Data folder, they WILL conflict. BUT, there IS a way to get most of them to work together.

Put ONE of the mods --not the Wolf Companion Mod, one of the other ones -- in your Override folder, start the game, and wait until Geralt has been given the item(s). Then save and exit the game and add the files for the second mod to the same folder as the first. The files for the new mod have to be in the same folder, because you'll need to let custom_script for the second mod overwrite the first one in your Override folder. This is okay because you already have the item(s) from the first mod, and it's a different script that adds functionality to the items; all custom_script does is give the items to Geralt. Start your game up again, wait a few seconds, and you should get the second item(s) added. Keep doing this until you have everything you want -- J_Slash's "stuff," my stop-the-rain scroll, whatever you want.

To uninstall, simply remove the files from your Data directory. If you've already given Geralt the scroll, he'll have a black square in the inventory slot where the scroll used to be, but it won't do anything. If this bothers you, let me know, and I can make you a script that will remove it.