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Last updated at 12:16, 17 Jun 2011 Uploaded at 12:14, 17 Jun 2011

This is my ultimate Witcher save file that follows the neutral/witcher path. The save file can be imported into the Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings

This save file and my playthrough of Witcher was done with Witcher Enhanced Edition Patch 1.5 and completed on the 17th of June 2011

How To Install:

In 'My Documents' create these folders.

The Witcher\Saves

Example: C:\Users\Malin\Documents\The Witcher\Saves

Drop the save file in there.



All side quests completed including Fistfight, Poker, Notice board contracts and Trophy quests

Chose to save the lab with Triss
Spared Abigail
Spared the Queen of the Night
Gave Alvin to Triss
Saved Thaler from De Wett
Sided with The Order of the Flaming Rose during the bank robbery
Cured Vincent of his Lycanthropy
Reached a compromise between the Village and Vodyanoi
Had Dandelion write a poem for the Noonwraith Alina and allowed her soul to rest
Gave the Wreath of Immortelles to the Nightwraith Celina
Spared Berengar
Broke the Striga curse of Princess Adda
Refused the King of the Wild Hunt and defeated him during the final battle with Jacques de Aldersberg

Been getting a few e-mails about this one so:

I didn’t kill Siegfried or Yaevinn, I left them both alive.


Import Details - Importing this save file into Witcher 2 will give you the following:

Ard'aenye – The best Steel sword in Witcher
G'valchir – The second best Steel sword in Witcher
Moonblade – The best Silver sword in Witcher
Raven Armour (Neutral) – Best Armour in Witcher