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This is a sample of a subclass system which allows modders to fairly easily add new classes and subclasses. The base classes still function as normal, so you can have a vanilla mystic and your custom modded subclass mystic in the same game together.
If you have an idea for a new class or subclass, feel free to use this system to implement it!

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Want to create your own Wildermyth subclass?

This mod is a showcase of a subclass system, and adds the "wildworker" subclass for hunters. Included is a .txt explaining exactly how the mod works, and documentation in the "stub" field of every aspect and effect to explain how to make subclasses with this system.

In order to get a wildworker in-game, you'll need to get a hunter with the Wildheart hook, select them in the overland, and use the "Study Wildworking" ability to turn them into a wildworker.

Wildworkers have the following abilities:

Wildwork: Replaces Silkstep. As a free action, add one random interfusion property (liquid, rock, tools, etc) to a piece of scenery. Each piece of scenery can only be wildwrought once.

Favored Transmutation: At any time as an overland ability, the wildworker choses a favorite type of scenery. Once per combat, they can add this type to a piece of scenery. Stacks with wildwork.

Favored Transmutation+: Can be used 3 times per combat.

Cairn: The wildworker creates a cairn (a stack of rocks) with 1 random interfusion aspect.

Cairn+: Cairn has double health and an extra interfusion aspect.

Strength in Change:
Wildworker gets defense buffs for 1 turn after using wildwork.

Strength in Change+: Wildworker also gets offensive buffs.