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Goal of the mod is to increase difficulty, balance item and skill choices, and buff calamities.
If you're not already comfortable winning on HP Lovecraft, this mod probably isn't for you yet.

Any custom monsters from other mods - INCLUDING MAIN STORY CAMPAIGNS - will have high, unlisted dodge and block.
Wildermyth v0.11+103

Permissions and credits
Esoteric Overhaul
A procedural, five chapter campaign with more difficult enemies. 
Promote two legacy heroes if you win.
Ignores in-game difficulty setting, besides # enemies in first fight.
Updated Wildermyth v0.11+103
Mod v0.06
Major Features:
  - Boosted Enemies
  - Boosted Calamities
  - Reworked Block/Dodge to be versus Melee/Ranged only.
  - Some skill/item tweaks
  - A few less main opp. fights
  - Need to clear chapters 1-4
If you're not already comfortable winning on HP Lovecraft, this mod probably isn't for you yet.
Any custom monsters from other mods - INCLUDING MAIN STORY CAMPAIGNS - will have high, unlisted dodge and block.
This mod is still in very early development is mainly for me to be able to test changes. Expect imbalance, expect uneven application of changes, expect items that aren't activated.
Feel free to send feedback to me on the official Wildermyth discord - just send a message to Esoteric#1417.
v0.11+103-6 - Dec 10 2019
Fixed bug where area of effect abilities didn't show hit percent. Required internally having block, dodge, and accuracy be 1 higher than what is seen. Accuracy should now always display (though it may be 1% different than what the calculation would suggest)
File structure now easy to see what files are modified.
Riposte matches reworked vanilla ability.
-1 damage to Archgorgon, Pilot, Bartoth, and Drathix dragonfire splash damage along with patch. Watchman unchanged from previous mod version.
Various enemies speed increased by 1, matching vanilla changes.
Returned Concussed Status Effect: -2 Speed -> -1 Speed. Modified concuss speed favored ranged characters too much.
Returned monster alarm distance: 12 -> 14. Back to HP Lovecraft vanilla value. Hopefully bow nerf will help compensate for melee getting hit more by alarmed enemies.
Fire Stunt: 1+item level magic damage, 1 pierce -> 2+item level magic damage.
Bow, crossbow damage brought down, matching v0.11. Still enforcing max ranges of 6.6 for crossbows and 7.6 for bows, expanding that to include unique items. Unique item stats are a fun idea, but doesn't play well with enchanting.
Redid New Monster Card calamity weights, hopefully should be slightly less push for the strongest faction to get stronger than previous versions of my mod. Stat-boosting calamities will show up more often than my previous versions.
Secondary enemy fights brought down to one for chapter 1 and two for chapter 2 and 3. Need to "seed" the main faction with some calamities, or things look a bit too easy. Will need to adjust more in the future.
Increased Calamity/day rate by about 14% to match new patch vanilla HP Lovecraft (though you should still see slightly more, overall, due to some of them coming earlier than vanilla.)
Mystic Spell Rebalance
Tooltips for interfusion targets give range and area information instead of flavorful description.
Mystic gets +5 ranged accuracy.
Spells accuracy either just use ranged accuracy or
+20 accuracy (single target damaging spells, shardnado, Insidious Filament, and Improvised Fireball) or
+2 accuracy per potency (shackle(s), arches, flare)
All spells are unaffected by the long range ability. Previously, some were and some weren't. Now, only the range that you can infuse targets is increased.
All spells that don't automatically destroy their source will deal 3 damage to it. Previously, 1, 3, or potency depending on spell.
Interfusion targeting blurb gives information on ranges, rather than a full description. Should increase readability immensely.
Most spells have been rebalanced, some drastically. 
Wild Grasp doesn't do tiny damage, 
Vinewrench can throw enemies further and overwrites Wild Grasp, 
Shardnado is slightly more accurate and has more range, 
Scalding/Infernal Rain do magic damage, 
Constrict/Greater Constrict give 2 or 3 stacks of hobble (one stack is removed per turn), gives -1 penalty to bonus damage and potency as well as speed.
Arches has more range,
Discus slightly less range,
Insidious Filament slightly larger area of effect and 2 poison instead of 1,
Loredump has more range and always stuns.
v0.10+98-5 - Dec 3 2019
Monster stats were being overwritten incorrectly by non-George R. R. Martin difficulty level. If you thought things were too easy late game, you were right. Expect more hp and various other small stat changes compared to before (if you weren't on George R. R. Martin difficulty.)
File Organization
Changed version number to include Wildermyth version number, to better highlight any mismatches.
Overland Changes:
Increased time between calamity waves by about 25%.
Increased chance of two calamity cards being added after an assault from 0% back to the 35% of vanilla H.P. Lovecraft.
Only one calamity is removed between chapters.
These next two overland changes will only apply to new campaigns with the "Esoteric Overhaul" campaign option. The regular "Five Chapter" option, and converting existing campaigns that are in the first chapter or two, may result in a large number of main faction calamities. You're on your own!
There are now three fights against secondary enemies in every chapter (one for each minor faction in that campaign.) This is up from 1, 1, 2, 2 and 2 and they are replacing fights against the main enemy.
You now need to clear all enemy sites for chapters 1-4. 
Hero Changes:
Mystic New Interfusion Range: 6.6 -> 5.6
Mystic Maintain Interfusion range: 8 -> 5.6
Craftable tier 2 and 3 bows: 8.6 or 9.6 range -> 7.6 range. Unique bows can still have up to 8.6 range, treasure them!
Craftable tier 2 and 3 crossbows: 6.9 or 7.6 range -> 6.6 range. This means you can't kite speed 5 melee enemies unless you have cover, bowmaster or long reach. The tier 2 unique boltthrower with 6.9 range upgraded to 7.6, because why not.
Shields and Gem Left Arm: -1 damage from non-flanking attacks -> +1 Armor, +1 Warding
Fire Chicken: 1 pierce -> 0 pierce (matching modded fire from other sources.)
Various small text changes.
Monster Changes:
Deepist Chosen: 11-14 Health -> 14-17 Health
Deepist Chosen Transformation: +1 Armor, +4 Health, +2 Speed, +2 Damage -> +2 Warding, +10 Health, +1 Speed, +2 Damage.
Various small text changes.
Fixes (whoops!):
Modded stats no longer incorrectly overwritten by difficulty setting.
The Great One modded stats now correctly used.
v0.04 - Dec. 1 2019
File Organization
DevMode should now work when enabled, removed/added attributions as needed.
Cleaned up some obsolete monster aspects.
New changes from vanilla
Sentinel doesn't replace Guardian as an option.
Foxflight active: 50 dodge -> 50 dodge and 50 block. Brings it back to vanilla effectiveness.
Modded stats added for Hill Guardian and Great One. 
Reworked aging to consistently give -0.2 Health and Speed, -2 Dodge, Block, and Accuracy, -5 Charisma and Recovery Rate, and +5 Tenacity per age bracket.
This is effectively a buff for health, speed, dodge, and recovery rate in older ages, and nerf for block and accuracy.
Debuffs happen at ages 30, 40, 50, 66, 80 and 100. This is unchanged from vanilla.
Relative to v0.03:
Morthagi Butler: 0 Armor, 19-24 Health -> 1 Armor, 25-30 Health.
Gorgon Bartoth: 5 Speed -> 4 Speed
Thrixl Drathix Dragonbreath splash damage area of effect: 1.6 -> 1.1 (Damage amount is unchanged.)
Insidious Filament: 110 accuracy vs melee defense -> range accuracy + 20 vs range defense. Missed this one!
Splinterblast: 4.6 range to epicenter, 2d2 + potency damage -> 2.6 range to epicenter, 1d2 + potency damage.
Various small text changes. Biggest is that calamities don't take up room on mouse over.
Removed shredding flanking attacks from several Drauven. Not sure monsters can even flank except for with the stormthroat.
Fixes (whoops!):
Fire: 1 Piercing -> 0 Piercing
Moving through shardnado: 60 accuracy attack -> 100 accuracy attack (matching fire)
Tweaked dodge and block attribution. (I believe that stats worked correctly before, but this may or may not help with Riposte and Snakestrike.)
Forest Guardian/Autumn Guardian uses modded stats.
v0.03 - Nov. 21 2019
File Organization
Reorganized files for better mod compatibility and to (hopefully) allow updates to be used more easily on active games.
New changes from vanilla
Fire: 1 Piercing -> 0 Piercing
Moving through shardnado: 60 accuracy attack -> 100 accuracy attack (matching fire)
Relative to v0.02:
Spectik: 1 Warding -> 0 Warding.
Roe: 20 Dodge -> 40 Dodge.
Infernal Rain: 10 accuracy bonus -> 20 accuracy bonus
Loredump: 10 accuracy bonus -> 20 accuracy bonus
Lasso Shardnado: 10 accuracy bonus -> 20 accuracy bonus
Shardnado: 10 accuracy bonus -> 20 accuracy bonus
Sturdy Engulf: 10 accuracy bonus -> 20 accuracy bonus
Minor text changes.
Fixes (whoops!):
Gorgon: Eldritch Eye aspect properly defined. Not sure if this previously broke the game or merely did nothing, but either way, fixed.
Shackle, Shackles properly give debuff.
Flare Lamp: 4* potency accuracy bonus
Arches: 4* potency accuracy bonus
Shackle: Properly gives debuff, 4*potency accuracy bonus, 1 true damage (no potency bonus), enables flanks.
Shackles: Properly gives debuff, 4*potency + 10 accuracy bonus, 1 true damage (no potency bonus), enables flanks.
v0.02 - Nov. 20 2019
Completely redid accuracy. Your accuracy is now your percent to hit a basic enemy, straight up. 
Block reduces enemy melee hit chance, dodge reduces enemy ranged hit chance. Minimum 1% hit chance to avoid display bug.
Wield has been made useless. Ignore it. This is a massive effective boost to low wield weapons' accuracy - grab a hammer at your local retailer!
Item changes.
Level 3 bows: From 9.6 range -> 8.6 range (the same as level 2 bows.)
Hammers and maces not longer do knockback for reaction strikes from Guardian. On the bright side, you get to choose whether or not to use knockback when attacking. Still need to remove text saying 1 Knockback and other potential knockback attacks, but this should be good enough to test.
Frying Pan and Root Club: From 1.1 knockback -> 1.6 knockback. Diagonal knockback for all!
Hero changes.
Humans all have 5 speed to start, hunters get no speed bonus at level 1. Several other small changes.
Skill changes.
Archery: Counter ranged attacks -> Counter ranged attacks, +20 ranged accuracy
Endurance: +1 armor -> +1 armor, +1 warding and +1 health
Hardiness: 30% health increase -> 50% health increase
Riposte: Counter after block, +5 block -> Counter after block, +15 block
Snakestrike: Counter after dodge, +5 dodge -> Counter after dodge, +15 dodge *Note this is bad as dodge is for ranged attacks.
Phantomflare: 100 accuracy, 0 damage -> 1000 accuracy, potency damage.
Jumpjaw Trap: 2 armor-piercing damage -> 5 armor-piercing damage.
Spell changes.
Spells are now all range attack vs dodge. If you try to send slow-moving fire against a nimble opponent you will be sad. This is definitely not the final place this will end up, just a starting point.
Number shown in parenthesis is accuracy bonus. Note that spells will still be less accurate, overall, than in vanilla.
Barrage (+10)
Bone Spear (+10)
Discus (+10)
Engulf (+10)
Lasso Shardnado (+10)
Lore Dump (+10)
Infernal Rain (+10)
Scalding Rain (+10)
Shardnado (+10)
Stunning Barrage (+10)
Sturdy Engulf (+10)
Splinterblast (+10): From 2d3+self.POTENCY damage, 1+ceil((self.POTENCY/2)) shred, ceil((self.POTENCY/2)) pierce -> 2d2+self.POTENCY damage, 4 shred, 4 pierce. 
Splintersalvo (+10): From 1 + ceil(self.POTENCY/3) damage, ceil((self.POTENCY/2)) shred, ceil((self.POTENCY/2)) pierce -> 1d2 + ceil(self.POTENCY/2) damage, 2 shred, 2 pierce. 
Fireleash (+10) From 1 pierce -> 0 pierce.
Steal Fire (+10): From 1 pierce -> 0 pierce. 
Ignite (+10): From 1 pierce -> 0 pierce. 
Vinewrench (+20)
Wild Grasp (+20)
Improvised Fireball (+30)
Arches (+4*potency)
Flare Lamp (+4*potency)
Shackle (+4*potency): From always hits, 0 damage, doesn't enable flank -> Attack roll, 1 damage (no potency bonus), enables flanks.
Shackles (+4*potency + 10): From always hits, 0 damage, doesn't enable flank -> Attack roll, 1 damage (no potency bonus), enables flanks.
Enemy changes.
All enemy stats have been redone. Some enemies are drastically tougher, some got a small boost, and some are more specialized or have new baseline abilities.
You can mouse over enemies to see if their block, dodge or accuracy are different than the baseline of 0, 0 and 100.
Come rapidly, 3 at a time. Faster pace than H.P. Lovecraft difficulty overall.
Number of cards given at end-of-combat equivalent to George R. R. Martin level.
Calamity strength improved, weak calamities removed.
Many semi-random tweaks done to calamity weights and ordering.
Damage boosts delayed a couple cards from first possible appearance of monster. Some doom cards (Dart stat boosts, Rager Damage) delayed as well.
New monster type cards more likely to show up. Good luck keeping the dragon away!