Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood

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A Reshade Accedently Inspired by the Cinematic Trailer

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I sorta made this by accident, I always try to "Enhance" Cinematic effect, well this ended up looking like the Cinematic Trailers Wolf Vision. 
(MY* Verison of the Trailer with the Reshade on)

Even though not entirely intentional I'm kinda digging it, maybe someone else will too. It's definitely not simply Black & White. Depending on Where the lights shines You can end up with some "Wyld" combinations.

Also, keep in mind since it's a reshade Results very since I calibrated effects based on My* Monitor color settings. Either way by uploading this if people hate it well that just lets me know I need to improve my calibrations :)

Be sure to check out all Screenshots to know exactly what you're getting into. 

(Gameplay of Reshade)

Installation: Should be simple (I hope my, 1st-time upload) If I did all correct you Should* be able to drag and drop into the games Main directory named  "Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood"  or "WerewolfTAE"( wherever you installed the game)

-While loading you should see (at least on first time loading)

-In-game hit *Home* key

-At the top should be a Dropdown menu /Click it

- Choose "WlydVision" & Hit Select Button
I Strongly encourage setting up an *effect toggle key*

-hit *Home* key
-Click Settings Tab
-Look for *Effect toggle Key* and enter whatever Key you like
-Play :)
(settings example)

Otherwise, feel free to make any adjustments you need or want, I personally wasn't gonna upload this but I was too curious to learn the entire process it takes to Make / Upload one of these. (Consider your *In-game brightness, mine was set at 38) 

Anyway cheers! & Have Fun! ;)