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Amazing Save at Start of Phase 2 In Denver, CO
10 million $, 9.9KG of every strain possible to buy or steal up to Denver start and all of it is Legendary Quality, & more

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So this Save file starts you at the Beginning of Phase 2 of the game having chose Denver, Co as the city you wanted to expand to.  You Start with 10 Million in cash. Note the game seems to stick on the 10 million mark but does keep track of cash above 10 million.  Should you spend a ton of cash you will see the total drop eventually under 10 million.  You also start with a surplus in both Flint and Denver of 9.9KG of every strain you could buy or steal from enemy dealers up to this point and all of it is of Legndary Quality.  Flint has every building unlocked to setup shops but you have to buy the shops yourself.  You also start with no police attention in Flint at all.  I only chased out Shawn's crew from the bus station in Flint so all all the other original dealers in Flint still are around. You also start with 2 light perks to choose and 3 dark perks, I had to choose the cop light perk as part of the original phase 1 quest line.  Your releationships with all npcs should still be high and the local cops in Flint are in your pocket.  ENJOY!

Unzip the archive and place the Amazballs Denver.sav file in your Documents\Weedcraft Inc\ folder
Launch game
Game save will be listed as Denver Save on the load game screen as shown in JPG.