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This mod rebalances the cops as well as some gang aspects. The FBI also has been added as a responding agency during long 5 star chases, including Grenadier and Jammer enemies. Also expands the arsenal used by enemies with weapons from the first game, such as the MP5, 416 and more... Also some cosmetic changes such as helmets for SWAT, retextures,.

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Welcome to the police rebalanced mod.

I made this mod because I really like the second Watch_Dogs game but there were a few things regarding the police which I didn't like, so I learned how to edit the game files and got to work. This is the result. 

So what does this mod change?
A whole changelog has been included in the mod its RAR file.

Some of the most major changes however are:
- The FBI now shows up if you keep retaliating at a heat level of 5.
- Some of the unused weapons from the first game are added to the police and gangs their arsenal, including the 416, MP5, M1014 and more.
- Grenadiers and Jammers have been added to spawn during max heat level. They also appear in a handfull of locations in free roam and missions.
- The police have seen some retextures and some of their uniforms and those of Umeni security have been changed, including tactical helmets for tac units. 
- Female cops have been added to patrols and previously unused female police marksmen have been enabled to spawn.
- Heat levels now raise slower but each individual heat level does gradually become harder as the spawns ramp up in difficulty as you progress through it.

If you like this mod and wish a similar rework for the first Watch_Dogs, be sure to check out the mod page for that game it's equivalent of this mod: