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So whats New ? -Now the Graphics Base mod is from "Ps4_Flashbacks mod" by Superhero12320
-Darker roads by SUPERSOURAV
-Coat Physics from Restored 4 Mod by "ThE_BloB" and help from Slick and Superhero12320
-Clara with Long hair Skin and Call icon by ShevNR
-Quid Pro Guns Gunshop interior with Red wallsby Slick
-Maples of Alternative Leaves by mlleemiles
-More bluelish Water Color Mod by mlleemiles
-New Sky Day/Night Now night is not Blue anymore by E3 lite team and TXGT
-More tight profiler diamond
-New Long Rain texture making the rain time more exquisite
-New reflective material for cars now the cars have a more HQ reflections
-Only sidewalks be reflective everytime but no more infinite wet roads for a while.
-Added more animations when you hack by The Revival Team
-More density of Parked cars,traffic and Civilians by E3 Lite Mod by TXGT Team
And now instead of saying Version 1, 2 ,3 now the progress will be called as "G" of Generation 1,2,3