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About this mod

This mod adds all of the side missions (Gang Hideout aka. Lair and Convoy) to the Fixers Contract App.

Permissions and credits
This MOD is now outdated and will not be updated for future patches!
--> Ubisoft has added a new ability on patch 1.04.497 onwards to reset all side mission via the pause menu. It is under [Options -> Gameplay -> Reset Side Missions Content]

This mod adds all of the side missions (Gang Hideout aka. Lair and Convoy) to the Fixers Contract App.

You can find the added side missions by opening up your phone menu, and navigating to the Fixer Contracts App (Steering Wheel Symbol) and scroll down to the "Interception" Tab.
The thumbnail pictures should clearly outline which mission represents what type they are in the game they follow the same Icon as the map icon. Just bring up your map and look at the legend.

Thumbnails will sometimes not load at all. - The fix is to simply reload last save game or have the game respawn you by going through the loading sequence.

How to install ?:

Follow this only if you do not want to combine with other MOD
For people with no MOD (stock installs / update)

Simply drag & drop the
files into your [..\Watch_Dogs\data_win64] directory.

For example
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\games\Watch_Dogs\data_win64

and you are done just launch the game.

How to combine with other MODs? :

Only follow this instruction if you want to combine with other mods, otherwise just follow top section.

You would need the tools such as "Gibbed's Disrupt File Unpacker" and "XNA Framework" to unpack and repack the "patch" files.

To get them head on to this website and click those links and download and install them

After installing and unzipping the Disrupt Unpacker tool,

1. Drag N Drop the "patch.dat" file you find from your "Watch_Dogs\data_win64" folder onto the "Gibbed.Disrupt.Unpack.exe" -You should see a new folder created with the name "patch_unpack"
2. Rename "patch_unpack" to "patch" and then Copy N Paste the "patch" found in this MOD to the renamed patch folder. -Override when prompt
3. Now Drag N Drop the new "patch" folder that you have just replace/overriden to the "Gibbed.Disrupt.Pack.exe" -You should get back patch.dat and patch.fat
4. Simply drag & drop these created patch.dat and patch.fat
files into your [..\Watch_Dogs\data_win64] directory, and start the game.


Changed "patch.dat" & "patch.fat" to have the latest Ubisoft Watch_Dogs Update #2 ( was previously

Added Criminal Convory Missions to the list as well.