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Mod restores some details from 2013 September 21 build.

Permissions and credits
Point of this mod - show you some details which was different in build. Mod not gives full "E3 Experience", "Better than E3 Experience" or some other bull... lie which some people spread around.

What you should know before playing with this mod:
- Set audio language to English. Don't have it? Download language pack, I think you know how to use Google.
- Mod includes Living City 1.9.4 by The Silver -
- You should start new game. Backup your current save if you need it.
- Modpack is not tested in Bad Blood and I not responsible if it not works in BB .
- Remove/move patch1 if you have it.
- Backup your current saves if you needed it.

Drop all files to Watch_Dogs directory


Bottom of the Eighth:
New prologue video, new subtitle text. Only English voice
" 'k what is his name" restored line in Maurice interrogation (only in v3)
New cutscene camera effect in Maurice interrogation (by Slick)
Hidden checkpoint after Maurice interrogation (only in v3)
Removed Fake Truck (only in v3)
ctOS Mobile parts music at background (only in v3)
Skip drive survival guide (only in v3)
Skip force skill buy

They Can't Hide:
Removed Vigilante part

Big Brother:

Voice call from Nicky and Car On Demand guy instead of Jordi (thanks to Slick for idea)

Backstage Pass:
New phone call in GRID

Online Contract:
Restored unused mission (thanks to The Silver for idea)
Now missions starts automatically after Backstage Pass (only in v3)

Online Hacking:

Open Your World:
2013 smells nicer than a 2014 (thanks mllemiles for voice line and subtitle)

Thanks For The Tip:
Phone caller unknown until the cutscene

New monologue at the end (thanks mllemiles for voice line)

Skip the force graveyard memory mission, straight to It's not a Pizza guy mission

Hold on, Kiddo
Now Clara calls even if you have L-Train skill but without mentioning a train hack (only in v3)

The Devil You Know:
Mission now is required to complete for Jury-Rigged. Appears after A Blank Spot There-Ish


The Good Little Player (new name Leftovers):
Restored unused mission (thanks to Slick for help of restore this mission)

Hope Is a Sad Thing

Whole mission script was taken from 2014 January 17 build. Small improvements in little details, mission itself same. (only in v3)

Let's Play Make a Deal

By Any Means Necessary:
Fixed Ubisoft's bug where in phonecall Outgoing call and <name> lines were swapped

Other changes:
build's clouds textures (low res) (by mllemiles) (in v3 vanilla clouds)
changed Aiden's standard cloth textures (used Concept mask by Mr. Bubsy J. Wubbus) (in v3 vanilla cloth)
old sprint animation (from Definitive mod)
added 4 drinks in all Bars, Restaurants and Cafe
unlocked Glitch outfit
2013 camera (by Slick) (in v3 fixed cameras by Parallellines)
2013 handling (by Tervel)
2013 subtitles
2013 minimap mask
2013 loading screen (in v3 with Loading... text)
2013 map icons (by Slick)
old Ubisoft Intro
2013 save game disclaimer
2013 style buttons in menu (in v3 black non transparent only at main section)
Black background on gadgets in weapon wheel (by Slick)
E3 phone screen (by Soaring)
vegetation textures from Refresh modpack
blue-ish game color (by mllemiles)
Lowered mission module, moved save icon and moved profiler card in camera (only in v3)
Moved camera control reminded to the right (only in v3)
Minimap icons scale from Sept build (only in v3)
Improved Shaders (Rain and Fog) 1.1 by mllemiles (only in v3)
Removed Gang Hideout music (only in v3)

mllemiles, The Silver, HeySlickThatsMe, Mr. Bubsy J. Wubbus, Tervel, Soaring, Parallellines

Also thanks to:
MrPinball64 - released a build for public, PureDorian - streamed whole build walkthrough

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