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simple e3 enhanced graphics mod with optimization.

Permissions and credits
-Mcfly RTGI preset by Digital Dreams -
-Bigger raindrops by me (haloxy)
-new colour grading by me (haloxy)
-Stability by me (haloxy)
-New real phone textures by me (haloxy)
-New clara from Mr. Bubsy J. Wubbus and ShevNr Overhauled by me (haloxy)
-Coat physics by Mr. Bubsy J. Wubbus
-New shader by me (haloxy)
-New realtime reflections by me (haloxy)
-New loading screen background by me(haloxy) {Thanks to ShevNR}
-Cinematic Dof edit by me (haloxy)
-darkened vegetation by me (haloxy)
-New colour grading by me (haloxy)
-New title screen music from stranger things two below remix by cloud kid implemented by me (haloxy)
-darkened roads by me(haloxy)
-The living city mod by the silver, phonepannel location behind vehicles also by the silver
-Lamborghini aventador by stellasin (replaces Vespid 5.2)
-Original settings By TXGT, Edited by me(haloxy)
-Removed the Sunlight on the ground when Raining during Daytime
-Removed the Sun Lensflare apperance during Blackout when Raining during Daytime
-Real-time and Static reflections don't fade during Blackout when Raining during Daytime
-E3 2012 Head Bob
-First Person Camera (beta)
-Free Look Inside Vehicles
-Increased Traffic, Pedestrian and Parked Cars Density
-PlayStation Button Icons
-Remove Ubisoft intro at startup
-Remove various interface indicators (3DMigoto)
-All Car On Demand
-Play As NPC
-Depth of Field
-E3 2012 Focus Mode v3
-Real Cloud Gate Mod
-Sidewalk & Road Reflections v2
-Smoke/Steam Mod
-Godrays color mods
-Sun Lensflare mods
-No Bloom
-E3 Rain illumination (just like in E3 Demos)
-sky from natural and realistic lighting mod, edited by Vosswar
-WD 2 Jordi by ShevNR

Living City 1.9.4 - 
All buildings that players could visit only in the plot are now open.
19 new togglable "restricted" areas with patrols.
Random events and mini-missions for the implementation of which give rewards. For example, you can
help the police stop the criminal and raise their reputation, or grab a truck withammunition.
“Fake” contract assignments that ambush the player. The type of opponents depends
on the area of ​​the city, and the complexity is always random.
Additional missions, both short and not inferior in scale to the base campaign.
The police are able to use the ctOS operating system against the player - for example, to
build bridges and close the gates during the chase.
Additional options for hacking simple passers-by. For example, the protagonist can
blow up the phone in the hands of a person, transfer money to him or put police on him.
Some of these actions trigger random events.
Limited inventory - four slots, one type of weapon in each.
Additional animations when loading saves, random time of day and weather after
each game launch.
Almost all of the innovations can be turned on and off independently by
editing the mod configuration file.
Full visitable interiors list:
- Pawnee Antenna You can visit its underground tunnels again, including the explodable hallway.
- Blume HQ You can visit, in person, the Blume HQ rooms seen only through cameras during the "The Future Is In Blume" mission.
- Human Traffic You can revisit the auction in progress, and exit through the main door, or the hole in the backstage floor that broke during the mission.
- Dot Connexion Exhibit It's always open and freely explorable (if you sneak past the bouncer), Defalt's attendance depends on your campaign status.
- G1gg1L3s Intrusion You can intrude G1gg1L3s' apartment cam again at any time after completing the QR Codes collectibles mission, and pwn him again.
- Loop Garage You can enter the garage seen in the cutscene where you meet the fugitive during the "Backseat Driver" mission.
- INFINITE92 It's freely enterable after the campaign mission, without the cutscenes and obviously without Poppy.
- Lighthouse The entrance door was locked, now you can visit its interior and climb to the top at any time.
- THE RAT'S LAIR You can actually visit in person the Defalt's apartment seen in "The Rat's Lair" campaign mission, which is now repurposed as a new Hideout.
- The Merlaut You can revisit Lucky Quinn's Headquarters at the Merlaut Hotel after completing the game, just hack the elevator or use the unlocked rooftop door.
- Nicky's House You'll find Nicky and Jacks inside along with all the birthday stuff until the kidnapping happens (check the kitchen camera for an easter egg).
- Palin Correctional Center Freely revisit it through the main entrance seen in the mission cutscene or through the parking lot (be careful about the guards).
- Rossi-Fremont The building is explorable up to the rooftop, through the wall that Iraq blew up, and you can go back inside through a nearby door.
- THE PALACE You can visit, in person, the mansion seen only through cameras during "The Palace" mission pack, which is now repurposed as a new Hideout.
- May Stadium You can freely explore the stadium up to the locker room, without enemies or cops, but with baseball matches still playing.
- T-Bone's Warehouse You can visit T-Bone's warehouse seen in a cutscene of "Hope Is A Sad Thing" mission, which is now repurposed as a new Hideout.
- Yolanda's House The front door of Yolanda's house is now unlocked, however only the entrance room exists.
- The Loop ctOS Office The Blume Security Director office inside the ctOS Plaza in the Loop becomes a new hideout after you complete "Open Your World".
- Bedbug's House Unlocked the interior of Bedbug's house and made it a new hideout after you complete "Not A Job For Tyrone".
- Mad Mile Hideout New hideout in Mad Mile created from a Privacy Invasion; interior unlocks after you unlock the Mad Mile district.
- Brandon Docks Hideout New hideout in Brandon Docks created from a Privacy Invasion interior unlocks after you unlock the Brandon Docks district.
- Riverside Hideout in the Loop created from a Privacy Invasion interior unlocks after you unlock the Loop district.
- Riverside Apartment Scripted functional sliding door to make accessible the apartment interior from the mission "Not The Pizza Guy."
- Mad Mile ctOS Center You can re-hack the satellite of "Sometimes You Still Lose" final mission from the same ctOS building in Mad Mile (breach marker).

About the logos and real life things in the game, This mod has no purpose to commercialise discriminate or promote or demote the companies by any means, nor promote the game (Watch_Dogs) by using their logos/real life objects, this mod's intention is for a non-commercial education project.