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This mod changes the third person camera to first person.

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WD2 Version:
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There won't be WD Legion version because Ubisoft removed bones that were used for first person camera in WD1/2, technically it is possible but it will be even jankier than it was already.
Highly requested to be released, this mod changes the camera to first person, this is nowhere perfect, im only releasing it because people wanted there you go!

-Issues! lots of issues!
-Not all cameras are changed, i only bothered with on foot ones, not all of them ofcourse
-Takedown cameras are not changed because issues, game only renders the character in front of you, and these cameras have lots of head turning, another issue would be clipping, so you can guess why i didn't change that
-Cover cameras are not changed apart from low cover "over" and "back" cameras
-Animated cameras are not changed
-Clipping issues
-Nowhere perfect

first make sure to backup, then overwrite the patch.dat and patch.fat files in WD/Watch_Dogs/data_win64 (WD is path to your game folder)