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A reshade file which aims to add a darker ambience and purer color to watch dogs.

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Finally, my first WatchDogs Mod. This video demonstrates the lighting and color modification for the game made possible by 
credit to MartyMcfly and Crosire. 
Tried and tested with texture mods such as TheWorseMod, DefinitiveEdition and MergedMod Final. 
Take note that the Mod used in this video was the MergedModFinal by Marduk, I recommend his mod because it blends well with 
the tint and color of Dark FX.
There will be bugs and issues, such as occassional flickering bright lights (just pause the game 2-4 times to remedy this 
rare problem),
The effects of this mod varies when combined with other mods as the latter differs in tint and color combination, 
I used MergedModFinalV2+plus 
textures mod as it works perfectly, but other mods works just as well. 
1. Copy all of the contents of the "DarkFX Files" folder and paste it to your WatchDogs bin folder.
2. Enjoy!
Features of this mod:
-Customized Ambient Occlusion
(Optimized Reymarch AO)
-Noticeable Aiden Pearce color improvement.
-Darkened skies 
(The sky is now darker but emits a yellow and light blue flares upon certain thresholds)
-An overall darker but colorful ambience
(This includes darker buildings, roads and pure colors but does not affect the bloom during daylight especially when the sun is high).
-Added the following lighting effects
Anamorphic Lensflare, Gaussian Anamorphic Lensflare, Bloom,Lens Dirt, Godrays,opmitized to counter performance hit
-Darker rains and storms
-Using headlights, lamposts and other light sources is now vital to gameplay during dim hours.
-Sharper HD-like image 
Tweaked, so as not to affect antialiasing
-Darker but colorful nights.
Tweaked so as not to have pitch black nights
-Brighter water reflections
(Reflected colors are much more solid)
This mod is merely for fun and gaming and has not in any way been created, produced and sold for profit, 
Credit to the makers of MasterEffect and Reshade. 

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