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Inspired by the hard edges and extreme dynamic light in the "A10n3" digital trip, this sweetfx preset is a harder, less colorful take on watch_dogs

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This is my sweetfx preset I have been using to make chicago feel a little harsher. It draws inspiration from the truly alien feeling that the A10n3 (their spelling, not mine) digital trip. It ups the sharpness and contrast, while desaturating the image slightly.

Its nothing too special.

Big thanks to reddit user /u/chinpokoman for introducing me to the world of SweetFX, as the initial base of this preset was his "Digital Trip" SweetFX preset. Over time nearly every setting was tweaked to attain the feeling of isolation through hard edges and dying colors, but he laid the framework.

INSTALLATION - If you have sweetfx installed already, go ahead and download the preset file and load it in SweetFX configurator or just replace your existing sweetfx config with this. Otherwise, there is a full install version in the downloads. Just drag all the contained files therein into your watch_dogs/bin

SweetFX was created by of Guru3d

64 bit version of sweetfx created by Boulatour