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//// Exploit 3 Third Generation ////

Starts as a personal project where my favorites mods(in mi opinion), made by the modding community should be placed together in a single Gameplay, grafical improvements, gameplay upgrades and a ton of tweaks
comes in one file.

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//// Exploit 3 Third Generation Reshade Preset ////

Starts as a personal project where my favorites mods(in mi opinion), made by the modding community should be placed together in a single Gameplay, grafical improvements, gameplay upgrades and a ton of tweaks comes in one file.


    -Classic Version: Live chicago as you never played before with Living city 2.3 by amazing Silver, now the streets of Chicago are fills with dozens of new varied and interesting things to do living city adds, custom missions, repeatable hideouts, random activities in freeroam, ia races, ia invasions, Taxi missions, civilians hacks, Ctos Chaos and Fast travel points, Phone zoom out animation, Black weapons Market, ia companions, new deparments, call police, being ambushed anytime and being chased by police in a new way.

    -RE Version: Re-live the story of watch dogs being clothed as any NPC, in the mobile app "Contracts" you can find a Repeteable Story Missions at any time at any point, choose your missions name and
                 re play your favorites missions along side being clothed as Clara, T-Bone, Jordi Chin, go to your clothes shop nearby and choose them.
                 (Due to incompatibility most living city features are disabled) 

>>> How to Install: Theres a video linked in this page to explain how to.

                                       Mods Authors:

Living City Mod 2.3                            By The Silver 
Ps4 Flashbacks Graphics Mod         By Superhero12320
Pure E3 MOD                                       By Supersourva99 ,TheWorse MaLDo and VAAS and Kadzait24.
Aiden Coat skin                                   By Pure E3 MOD Team
Natural & Realistic lighting mod       By Danvsw
Toggle HUD and remove outlines     By TheJanitor
Blue mission splash+Crime icon      By ShevNR and Z_
Low Profile                                          By Mr. Bubsy J. Wubbus 
Title Screen Mod HD                          By Mr. Bubsy J. Wubbus
Expiramental Stuttering Fix               By Deebz__
PS4 Premiere Chase music for random crimes By LEGION
Nexuslines(Hack Lines) brighter       By LEGION
Black guns Wheel                               By LEGION
PS4 Reveal Style Focus Bar Positioning By LEGION
Enable Arrests After Act 3                 By Deebz__ 
Improved Trains Mod                         By The Silver
CAMARO SS                                        By Stellasin /THE HARDER THEY RISE /BrutalKAOS
Flyerguy Restored Mod                      By The Silver
E3 SunLensflare                                  By TXGT
Restored Aiden V1.5                           By Juanpa, Mr. Bubsy J. Wubblus, Tenente Pyro
Jam Com Screen Tweak                    By Deebz__
E3 lensflares                                        By THE BOSS 
White Heli Spotlight                            By TXGT
Realistic Glass Bullethole Decal        By MARDUK
E3 2012/2013 SmartPhone texture  By ModAiC
Relief Mapping Mod                           By The Silver
Real Cloud Gate Mod                         By The Silver
Repeatable Main mission                  By GHVG 
"Gang Hideout" and "Convoy" side missions By Haxe's 
Different phone screens                    By -LEGION and Slick 
Backseat Driver music on loading screen By ShevNR
Vehicle Lighting V3                            By TXGTs 
Dynamic Lighting                               By TXGTs 
Gas Station Explosion                       By Revival Team
Train Smoke when stops                  By Revival Team
New Animations                                By Revival Team 
Density Smoke effects                     By E3 Lite Mod by TXGT Team
More density of npcs and cars        By E3 Lite Mod by TXGT Team
Px4(Every Pistol) Gun with Smoke Trail  By Goulddigger and Silver
Buildings real time Reflections        By E3 package 2.1 by Default_x
Paraboloid Reflection                       By Mirumiru
Brighter Window Lights                    By Slick
New Cap HQ                                      By Exposed Aiden Pearce Mod THE HARDER THEY RISE
Darker roads                                      By SUPERSOURAV
Beta Clara with Long hair Skin and Call icon By ShevNR
Consistent Weapon Skins Mod       By The Silver
Full Black Weapons Mod                 By The Silver
Quid Pro Guns Gunshop interior with Red walls By Slick
Maples of Alternative Leaves          By mlleemiles
More bluelish Water Color Mod      By mlleemiles
New Sky Day/Night                          By E3 lite team and TXGT
2012 Loadscreen remake                By Parallellines 
New Contact Profile                         By Hiiro 
Modified audiologs icons                By Hiiro 
Remove outlines from enemies and hackable objetcs By Slick 
Hacking Wheel Icons                       By The Silver 
Ps4 Premiere cover camera            By Parallellines 
September Car Camera Fixed         By Parallellines 
2013 Pistol Drawing Animations     By Mileemiles
Jogging Profiling Animations For Walking By Mileemiles
Phone panel behind vehicles          By The Silver
Custom Glitch Outfit                        By Shevnr
Px4 "Beretta" Shine material           By Mr. Bubsy J. Wubbus
Trails and Hit marker                       By Haloxy
Classic UI                                          By Parallellines 
Enhanced Coat Physics                   By Mr. Bubsy J. Wubbus
Reshade                                            By Reshade Team
Reshade Effects                               By Reshade Team
Reshade "Cinema" Like preset        By Shino
Reshade "G3" preset                        By Shino  
Skip Intro Cutscene                         By The Silver
Water Puddle Ripple Effect             By Miru
Stealth Walk Movement Fix            By Miru
Some profiler images                      By The Silver
Living city + All car on demand on Sandbox mod  By Shevnr
Chrome Material                               By The Revival Team (BrutalKAOS, -The_Crasher-, CurrentlyQuestioning, TheSilver, Mr.Bubsy J. Wubbus)
Death Race Car Mod                        By The Silver
Gibbed Tools                                     By Gibbed
Updated Gibbed Tools                      By MrWasdennnoch
Free Camera with Cheat Engine Provided By ShevNR
If theres a mod author uncredited please let me know on youtube comments to add him/her here.
Thanks to all the Modders that were, are and will be keep improving Watch_Dogs 2014.
Kind regards, Shino.