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This mod aims to improve the graphics and take advantage of the modern PC hardware.

Permissions and credits
  • Recreated the E3 2012 gas station explosion
  • Enhanced atmospheric steam and fog effects, as well as some other particle effects
  • Improved lighting
  • Enhanced reflections
  • Engine settings are now more optimized for modern hardware
  • Increased traffic density
  • Enhanced post processing 
  • Enhanced materials (thanks to mirumiru, Soaring, Parallellines, Bubsy J Wubbus, HeySlickThatsMe, TheSilver, ShevNR and tteggad) 
  • Visually improved cars by ShevNR and Stella
  • New water mist effects (thanks to mirumiru) 
  • Improved water (thanks to Soaring)
  • Improved trees (by HeySlickThatsMe) 
  • Improved clouds (by Parallellines and HeySlickThatsMe) 
  • Improved animations (by Soaring) 
  • Improved coat physics by Bubsy J Wubbus
  • New UI by Parallellines 
  • New Px4 gun icon by Patatras5325
  • New Sea Streak outfit by ShevNR
  • Improved camera position while driving by Parallellines
  • Improved sound effects thanks to HeySlickThatsMe

Optional gameplay changes (makes the game a bit harder): 
  • More realistic car physics
  • Improved enemy AI and strength 
  • Aiden can now hack police officers' headsets (like wd2) 
  • Every car alarm is hackable

Estimated recommended GPU requirements:
GTX 1050 Ti

RTX 3050

RTX 3080

Since the mod adds more interactive simulation elements such as NPCs and vehicles, it may cause issues on anything lower than Intel Core i5-4460 and 8 GB of RAM.