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The goal of this project is to recreate as many HUD elements as possible from the game's showcases ranging mainly from 2012 to early 2013, with some improvements and reimaginations here and there while preserving the art style.

Permissions and credits
Classic UI is essentially a huge update for my (comparatively) simple UI mod released around mid 2020 in the Watch Dogs Modding Discord. This time I've separated it into two branches: Main, which contains all the necessary files and is mostly based on the PS4 Premiere interface, and a 2012 Suite based on the first demo of the game. Since I play with an ultrawide monitor I made sure to fix some annoying issues present in the original game too. Also, I've included some extras so be sure to check them out.

Here are some great GIF's from my buddy Tervel:

How to install:

Assuming you already know how to install Watch_Dogs mods (if not, join the WD Modding Discord and check the modding tutorial), follow these steps in this exact order:

  1. Move the contents of the Main folder to your patch.
  2. If you want a more 2012 styled UI, move the contents of the 2012 Suite folder to your patch.
  3. If you're interested in anything from the Extras folder, just move the contents of each folder to your patch.
  4. If you play on an ultrawide monitor, move the contents of the Ultrawide folder to your patch and don't forget to use Flawless Widescreen to fix FOV related issues.
  5. After everything's done, don't forget to delete patch1.dat and patch1.fat from your data_win64 folder.

P.S.: The ultrawide minimap fix requires the Conspiracy DLC.

P.P.S.: This mod is not compatible with Bad Blood.

Main features:

  • Relaunch Felony Meter
  • Relaunch Focus Meter
  • 2012 & Relaunch Weapon HUD
  • 2012 + Relaunch Mission Module
  • 2012, Relaunch and Brandweek hacking indicators
  • Behance Weapon Wheel
  • 2012 & Relaunch Profiler
  • E3 2013 Phonecall Interface
  • Relaunch Reputation Bar
  • 14 Minute Demo XP Bar
  • 2013 Event Notifications
  • 2012 Loading Screen Remake
  • 2012 & 14 Minute Demo Camera Screen
  • Map Icons in two styles: 2012 & Relaunch
  • Pseudo-flat & larger minimap + Relaunch & 2012 color palettes
  • Dark keyboard buttons and high quality controller buttons, either colored or black & white, including PS4 buttons
  • New Damage Overlays
  • 2013 Damage Arrow
  • WD2-style Save Icon
  • Lowered Subtitles & August 2013 Subtitles
  • Less intrusive button hints
  • Reworked Hack Notifications
  • Bouncy all-black Menu Buttons
  • August 2013 Build start screen
  • HQ icons for The Silver's Hacking Wheel and some gadgets
  • Many fixes for 21:9 resolutions: fixed map vignette, phone scale, icon scale, minimap position and more
  • Vanilla-like UI options, i.e Simple Profiler Dot & Default colors for the Event Indicator
  • Remade some feus from scratch since the last version: indicators, profiler and weapon
  • Consistent Weapon Icon Scale
  • Options to hide a variety of HUD elements
  • And many more little tweaks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Mr. Bubsy J. Wubbus: Relaunch Profiler Update Sound
  • miru: 2013 Mission Module Sounds
  • hiiro: New Character Profile Pictures & New Audiolog Pictures
  • ShevNR: Bouncy Menu Buttons & Bigger Minimap
  • Slick: Disabled Hacking Highlights
  • The Silver: Some high quality UI textures & Mission Module Test Script