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Cheat menu v1.2.1 for Wasteland 2 Director's Cut v2.3.0.5.

Permissions and credits
1) create copy of original Assembly-CSharp.dll from <game directory>\WL2_Data\Managed
2) copy Assembly-CSharp.dll and cheat_menu.ini from mode to <game directory>\WL2_Data\Managed
3) edit cheat_menu.ini

1) replace moded  Assembly-CSharp.dll to original
2) delete cheat_menu.ini

cheat_menu.ini -> config with saved party stats and key binds (auto loading when you run game, or you can reload/save it from menu)
Party -> all bonus and speed options affect everyone in your group, also there you can set attributes/skills and get all traits (not include traits from character creation with debuffs) for selected group members.
Cheats -> there you can enable infinete hp/ap/ammo (affect on everyone in group), maphack, kill enemies in current combar (also binded to key) or whole map (BEWARE: CAN BUG QUESTS, CAN BUG DIALOGS).
Inventory -> first textbox for item id (CASE SENSETIVE), second for item count and button for add items.
Config -> there you can reload/save setting, rebind teleport and kill keys (you can bind it to mouse buttons or keyboard).
Error -> simple error catcher (example you enter letters in textbox where need enter integer value).
Teleport to cursor (binded to key) -> works only for selected group members.
Other -> fast use skills/items.

Infinete ammo works only for first character in group.

Version histoty:
1.0 -> Release.
1.1 -> more settings, gui, functions and etc.
1.2 -> full redone (some fixes, much better gui, much better optimization, good working rebinds, added more checks for data inputs,  added kill current combat enemies and infinete hp/ap/ammo functions, added check for kill all enemies on map function).
1.2.1 -> fixed radiation protect on world map.

Sry for bad english