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Sick and tired of having to struggle your way through the wasteland? Ranger Chuck has your back.

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Ranger Chuck's Cheating Wasteland 2 Mod

I had a super-funny, yet horribly formatted, descripten written for version 1.0 of this mod.  With version 1.5, I've decided to take a more Apple-esque approach - less substance, more style.  Sue me.

This mod makes several important changes to certain items, and unlike the many DLL Injector mods here and elsewhere, it uses the official Wasteland 2 modding framework.  This is much safer and more secure.  You're welcome.

The Changes

First, this mod changes Corporal Sefors's inventory substantially.  (She's the very first vendor you find, right outside the Ranger Citadel doors.)  Her inventory now includes:

  • 2 packs of every brand of cigarette
  • 20 top tier medkits and surgery kits
  • 500 rounds each of 7.62mm, .38cal, and 12Ga ammo
  • The Tier 6 Rad Suit
  • 4 Tier 6 Light Armors
  • 7 heavily modified named weapons (see below)
  • 8 Frag Grenades with decreased carry weight
  • The Choice and Sunbrella trinkets

Second, multiple unique, named firearms have been altered, and Corporal Sefors sells them all.  They are:

  • The Assault Rifle "Martha"
  • The Revolver "The Blix"
  • The Shotgun "Infernator"
  • The SMG "Eviscerator"
  • The Sniper Rifle "Sabra Marie"
  • The Energy Rifle "Gamma Ray Blaster"
  • The Machine Gun "Big Betty"

Each of these weapons now does boatloads of damage and cost only 1AP to fire.  They are all cheat guns now.  They are scaled to do more or less damage than each-other but always far above normal.  For example, Sabra Marie deals 1660-1990 damage per shot, while The Blix deals only 745-795 per shot.  All of these weapons have 10 Armor Penetration, however, so they nullify all enemy armor.  This means even The Blix will one-shot almost every enemy.

Third, the Tier 6 Light Armor now provides 10 damage resistance and weighs only 1 pound.

Fourth, every time you leave Ranger Citadel and return, the Corpral's stock will refresh.  This means that returning to purchase more ammo, or Armor for additional companions, or whatever else, is now very, very easy.

And finally, Fifth, Corporal Sefors now pays 100x more for everything you sell her, and sells items for 1% of their regular price.  Simply buying and re-selling her 10 rounds of ammo will instantly give you thousands and thousands of scrap.  In other words, she's an infinite money cheat now.

Enjoy thoroughly decimating the wasteland!


1) Unzip the file after you download it.  Obvious.

2) Go to your Wasteland 2 Director's Cut folder.  Mine is "D:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\Wasteland 2 Director's Cut" but yours will probably be "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Wasteland 2 Director's Cut" or even somewhere else if you got the game from GOG instead of Steam.  Just find the folder.
3) Inside, open the "Build" folder, and then the "WL2_Data" folder.
4) Move or copy the Mods folder you downloaded inside the "WL2_Data" folder.
5) Launch the game and enjoy.

Note that these changes will affect any existing game, but you will have to leave ranger citadel and walk around the map for 2-3 water and then come back IF your last save is in the Citadel.  Alternatively, starting a new game should make the changes happen immediately.