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bman654 Staehrminator

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About this mod

A collection of mods for Wasteland2 DC

Permissions and credits
Important:  This mod only works with the most recent patch
Game Version: Wasteland 2 DC (version on Steam as of March 21, 2020)


Currently there are only two mods.  Hopefully someday there will be more :)

Free Camera Mod
This mod tweaks the game camera as follows:
  • When zooming out, the camera now angles a little bit so you can see further forward
  • When zooming in, you can now zoom past the previous limit and get an over the shoulder view of the WasteLand.
Free Combat Camera Mod
Originally developed by Staehrminator over on the InXile Forums.

This little hack stops the camera from automatically jerking around during combat. It will now stay put unless you move it manually, and you can now also move it when it's not your turn. If you want to zoom in on an enemy before you eviscerate them, or have a constant view of the battlefield like the tactical god you are, well, now you can!

Installation Instructions

  • Find your Wasteland 2 Installation Folder  (For Example, for Steam it will be ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Wasteland 2 Director's Cut)
  • Browse to the Managed folder (For example: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Wasteland 2 Director's Cut\Build\WL2_Data\Managed )
  • Download the .zip
  • Unzip the enclosed Assembly-CSharp.dll into the Managed folder, replacing the existing file
  • Also place W2PWModDefaults.ini into the Managed folder, replacing any existing file already there
  • If you wish to enable/disable some of the included mods:
  • COPY W2PWModDefaults.ini and name the copy W2PWMod.ini
  • Edit W2PWMod.ini with a text editor and disable the mods you do not want to use.

Unfortunately the Mac version of the mod is not yet ready

Unfortunately the Linux version of the mod is not yet ready

Uninstallation Instructions
  • Just rename Assembly-CSharp-original.dll (found in the zip download) to Assembly-CSharp.dll

Source Code
The source code for this mod is open source.  You can find it on github: https://github.com/bman654/wasteland2-patchwork