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Editor to easily save a custom character or charachters in a save file.

Permissions and credits
Easily edit charachters in a save file or a custom characters. Will keep track on used attributes points and skill points, so a respec only is easy. But will go in negative and store it as zero for us cheaters out there :)

Ability duplicat inventory in files and store it to editor for use in other files. Use the duplication with care, as I have not tested it thoroughly enough. Basically do it on a save game that is not important.

Requires .NET framework 4.5

Release history

Version: 0.9.0
  • Initial release.
Version: 0.9.1
  • Fixed bug in the set custom portrait.
  • Fixed error in skills available calculation.
Version: 0.9.2
  • Added support for *.jpg files for the custom portrait.
  • Changed layout in order to add more features.
  • Added inventory duplication and store item to save editor functionality.
Version 0.9.3
  • Fixed the smart ass and kiss ass mixup.
  • Added grouping functionality for the items lists.
  • Changed the save editor stored files to own directory under \My Documents\My Games\Wasteland2_SaveEditor instead of having it under the \My Documents\Wasteland2\SaveEditor. In order to keep the Wasteland 2 directory clean from save editor stuff.
Version 0.9.4
  • Added support for save file for the Directors Cut edition.
  • The character file editing will not work for the Directors Cut edition.
  • Fixed the switching between Wasteland 2 and Wasteland 2 DC save files.
  • Added biography edit.
  • Attributes and Skill points can now be edited. Select the number and edit it and hit enter to confirm.
  • Also saves backup files before saving
  • Fix for special character &
  • Added invalid xml string error message if the editor could not load the xml.
  • Added possibility to add, change or remove the quirk.
  • Added support for editing the .char file for the DC edition.
  • Fix for crash when saving .char file and having added inventory
  • Fix for extra white spaces on the name and display name elements.
  • Changed text for quirks that changed in the last patch.

Known issues:
  • The change of a quirk does not update the character correctly. However if you deselect first and then select a new one it will update it correctly. This will be fixed in the next version. 

And again as a disclaimer, use it at your own risk.

Razin Orden