Wasteland 2
The Blackjack Team

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This is my team of Rangers balanced to confront most threats of the Wasteland, being able to use most gear they find. Also they have a solid history together before they reached the Citadel.
Sorry if I summarized too much but I needed to make them fit the frames.


  1. BarbyFN
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    Yes, I've optimized my team whit guides but I prefer them more humanized, for example a melee is optimized with intelligence 1, mine has 4 but keeping most optimizations. And, I like the biography field but I feel the story must have joined them credibly; maybe with the toolkit I'll make a special quest for my team as a flashback side story.
  2. mareczek00713
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    Pretty nice team, I myself am going more for AP so my characters are more squishy and none is 10 INT but everybody has their own style. But what is the important thing here - awesome stories to them, it surely helps the immersion if even 4 starting rangers aren't people from nowhere