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To say the least, there are a lot of things lacking from War Thunder. With this collection of this missionpack, you should have some fun fighting in some of the greatest aerial engagements that have ever taken place, as well as a few "concept" missions.

Permissions and credits
The War Thunder CDK
The War Thunder CDK allows for multiple missions and locations to be created for the War Thunder gaming experience, including both custom and singleplayer battles. All rights go to Gaijin Entertainment for their development and usage of the Dagor 6.0 Engine.

This modpack currently includes:
Blazing Angels missions 1 and 2
Truk Mission 1 (Mission 3 is complete, 2 is still in development.)

Candeleria's Flight - Fly as the famous Major Candeleria as he, alone, defends against the worst the Luftwaffe can send against him. Tested before Red Skies, could be a bit buggy. Requires the P-51D-20NA, though I can release alternate P-51 versions at request.

Even The Odds - A unique opportunity has appeared to sink Kriegsmarine vessels. Take up your Hurricane Mk. IV and help knock out the German fleet.

Legend of Y-29 - On January 1st, 1945 with your flight of 8 P-47D-22RE Thunderbolts, relive one of the most intensive battles of the Western Front against overwhelming odds and come out on top, or fall to your doom against the German onslaught.

Operation Ten-Go - Fly with a massive formation of dive and torpedo bombers in your SB2C-4 Helldiver against the Japanese fleet. Very short mission all together, but the spectacle is amazing.

Battle of Juneau - Fly with your formation of F-84B's to fight against the incoming Japanese fleet. This is a desperate time for the American nation, so act with post haste!

Gamemode Concept: Ambush! - With your trusty crew inside your KV-1 Heavy Tank, ambush a German convoy, but prepare for the consequences.


Honolulu Liberation - Take your jet against the incoming Chinese attack at Honolulu, and push them back!
http://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/807347793621549096/851566476820217916/liberation_of_honolulu.blk (Copy this link!)

Bay of Pigs - Event Map
Play as rather the American and 5106 Division, or the Cuban Army and Airforce in this multiplayer invasion of the Bay of Pigs consisting of 2 phases:
Phase 1: Landing, good for Air and Sea forces.
Phase 2: Securing landing positions, good for Air and Ground forces.

Clan Base - Honestly, just something I made for a clan. Good to test out all types of vehicles. American FW-190s, BF-109s and a captured Japanese destroyer used for targets.

Want a specific mission? Join my discord: https://discord.gg/Ffme6Wr6Vx
It's an interesting scene in there, just put your message in "suggestions" and plug your ears.