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Replaces the names of vehicles, guns, and ammo in the game. The new names are more historically accurate, and are more detailed.

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The IFN1 Vehicle Re-Name Mod is a vehicle renaming mod that has been around since 1.73.

All air and ground vehicles have been renamed or adjusted, along with their weapons and their ammo. These new names are more historically accurate, and provide more detail in many cases, as well as removing redundancy.
The mod also has a focus on standardization. Punctuation and language is used consistently throughout the entire tech trees. No more Ju.87 D-5 here and Ju 87G-2 there.

The mod is complete, but more updates are coming somewhat often to provide more accurate names and to be compatible with updates.
I have updated this mod for new major patches within 24 hours of a patch releasing, and plan to continue doing so.

For installation instructions, see the articles or docs tab.

This mod is a custom localization, it does not affect gameplay in any way. It only renames vehicles and weapons. It gives no advantage over players without the mod, other than you having cooler names.

Be sure to check out my live.warthunder account; I make skins for tanks, and post mod updates there too.

There's also the War Thunder Community Discord (WTCD) you can check out; https://discord.gg/MNKyJnk