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This is a work in progress to expand on the base game. This will include Additional Units, Tech, and other features. As the name implies, it will focus on the Ork faction.

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Hi all!

Welcome to Waaaghnatics!!!

My goal for this mod is to expand on the original game by adding lore friendly units, techs, and other features to the game. This is also my first mod, and i look forward to any suggestions or feedback related to it.

If you are curious about the name of the mod, all I can say is I run an Ork Army in the table top game, so I am a little biased towards the Greenskins. I've changed the focus of the mod strictly to the Ork Faction. There are other modders working on enhancing the flavor of the other base factions, so this allows me to focus strictly on the Orks.

Extract the zip file into the "Proxy Studios/Gladius/Mod" folder in your Documents Folder. If the nod doesn't work after performing this action, delete all mod files and redo the extraction.

I am currently in the process of converting my mod into a faction mod, and removing any changes that modify the base factions. I'm doing this to improve compatibility with other mods. The work is almost complete and should be released by the end of this month. After that point, I will be testing other faction mods alongside Waaaghnatics to see what issues there may be.

Error on Exit
The developers are aware of an error that pops up when the game is exited from the menu or to desktop from the game. This will be fixed in the next Game Version(1.2.4). This is not caused by this mod.