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This is an expansion to the Dangerous Planet mod made by Elindos Phar which creates lairs for all the wildlife creatures and adds a Rebel Guard and Feral Ork Boyz lair.
It also adds 6 new elite wildlife units, Young Catachan Devils unit and lair weapons.
Game v1.2.2 & DLC's.

Permissions and credits
This is an expansion to the Dangerous Planet mod created by Elindos Phar and all credit goes to him for making wildlife lairs for
Enslavers, Kroot Hounds, Psychneueins and a partial lair for Rebel Guards.
Having lairs for all the wildlife creatures plus the extra Rebel Guards brings wildlife much more into the game.

What i have done is create lairs for Ambulls, Kastelan Robots and completed the Rebel Guard lair.
I have also recolored all lairs to match the recolored wildlife textures i did for my Texture Fix mod but i have also included those wildlife recolors in this mod.
Lair icons have also been made depicting the wildlife creature that spawns from that lair and all lairs size scale is set at 1.1 so they are very visible on the map.
The Kastelan Robots and Rebel Guards use the IG Bastion building(minus weapons) mesh as their lair and the other wildlife all use the Catachan Devil mesh for their lairs.

Since the game will be spawning more wildlife due to the lairs, especially on large maps, i found the ai needs an extra starting unit for the early game as a buffer so one has been given in this mod to all the races.

Place the mod folder in "YOURNAME\Documents\Proxy Studios\Gladius\Mods\".

Increased max unit spawn count at any one time on normal and Castellan lairs to 6 and elite lairs to 2.
Added a second weapon to all lairs that only had one weapon. Organic lairs now have Psychic Lash and Heavy Venom Cannon while Rebel Guards\Castellan lairs have Heavy Bolter and Krak Missile Launcher. Feral Ork lairs have their usual 4 weapons.
All lair weapons now have a range of 3.
The Barrage trait has been added to lair weapons Psychic Lash, Krak Missile Launcher and Rokkit Launcha to remove the line of sight requirement as often akward terrain placement prevented the lairs from firing their weapons which reduced their effectiveness.
All lairs now have the Fortification trait.

All faction HQ's now have a third weapon added to them. This was done to give them much better survivability in the early game with the greatly increased wildlife quality and quantity if the factions initial units are killed quckly and the HQ is under prolonged wildlife attack. Plus it's just damn cool to have 3 weapons in your HQ as they should be more deadly than they are.

HQ weapons added:
Astra Militarum - Heavy Bolter
Necrons - Doomsday Cannon High Power
Orks - Zzap Gun
Space Marines - Krak Missile Launcher
Tyranids - Bio Plasmic Cannon

All weapons for the HQ's and the AM Imperial Strongpoint now have a range of 3. The range increase only affects these buildings from custom weapon files so any units using the same weapons will still use the original range 1-2 files.
All HQ's now start with a city radius of 2 tiles.

Staying with survivability, i have created a new trait that has been added to all HQ's, defensive buildings and wildlife lairs that gives 5hp regeneration per turn. It's intended to help the dumb faction ai survive this mod and give the lairs a bit more longevity.
HQ's and wildlife lairs have 10 armour.
I have edited the rocks terrain feature to allow the full 3 building slots but have reduced the resource bonuses to 10% from 20%.

Added neutral lairs for Neophyte Hybrid's and a Renegade Tyrannofex, also changed texture colours for these units.
Replaced the range 2 heavy bolter weapons with range 3 krak missiles on both Rebel Guards Lairs and the Kastelan Robot Lair .
Increased all lairs hp to 50.

Increased the hp and armour of all lairs.The Rebel Guards and Kastelan Robot lairs now have heavy bolter weapons.
All the other organic lairs have a new weapon called Psionic Lash with a range of 3.
Reduced the attacks of the elite wildlife to 5.

Recoloured the Rebel Guards lasbeam\muzzle flash and the sparkle effect on the Bullgryn Ogre's power maul to chaos red\pink.This is much more fitting for corrupted units.
All the races now start with a hero unit to help boost the survivability of the ai early game with the inclusion of the elite wildlife units.
Decreased the Bullgryn Ogre's health to 35 and attacks to 7.
Increased the normal wildlife lair spawn max to 4 at a time.Removed the neutral wildlife Techpriest and Imperial Bastion from spawning on maps.

This is quite a big update this time as i have added 6 new elite wildlife units containing 1 large creature each and a new Young Catachan Devil unit containing 3 smaller\weaker Devils.The elite wildlife units are limited to 1 max at any time per lair and the normal spawns are now reduced to 3 max.
With the Young Catachan Devils unit being added the original Catachan Devil has had it's hp increased to 20 and it's damage increased slightly but has also been reduced to 1 max unit per lair at a time.

New units:
Colossal Ambull - Ambull Hive
Young Catachan Devils - Catachan Devil Lair
Enslaver Overseer - Enslaver Nest
Kroot Hound Matriarch - Kroot Hound Lair
Psychneuein Queen - Psychneuein Nest
Bullgryn Ogre - Rebel Guards Barracks
Corrupted Meganob - Feral Boyz Den

I originally had the new units spawn from their respective lairs as a second spawn but the current spawn mechanic appears to not support lairs having more than one spawn unit. So i simply created a duplicate respective lair for the new units to spawn from, these lairs also have they're own info entry so you can see what spawns from them.
If the spawning mechanic gets changed or fixed at some point then i will put the normal\elite units both back into their respective lair.

Added a corrupted Feral Ork Boyz unit and a lair that spawns them to the wildlife.The lair is actually an immobilized Battlewagon and is fully armed.
I understand this may not be cannon but i recoloured the corrupted Feral Ork Boyz flesh a chaos red/pink because i didn't want the unit to just be a copy\paste of normal Ork Boyz.