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What this mod does is fix the unit textures and the textures for the Space Marines so that the teamcolours display in their correct values and not too dark or washed out light versions of the teamcolour.
Adjusted the textures for the IG, Necrons and Orks as well.
Game ver 1.2.2 & DLC's.

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What this mod does is fix the unit textures and the textures for the Space Marines.

The problem with the vanilla textures is that the neutral team colourable areas are simply too dark and needed to be lightend.
While the textures, which control what areas on the diffuse texture get team coloured and by how much,
varied in consistency so some team colouring ended up being lighter and washed out.

Now the team colours are displayed correctly and uniform so no more ridiculously dark or light washed out colours.
I've also changed some of the trim on the units to a gold colour as the developers just left it plain grey.

In the images section is an example  of how wrong the team colouring is on the vanilla .dds textures using Scar White as the teamcolour.

First screenshot is vanilla .dds textures and second is my edited .dds textures.

Changed the colours of the wildlife units, the vanilla Kroot Hounds and Psychneuein were very lacklustre.

Brightend up the textures and adjusted the textures for the IG, Necrons and Orks.

I have created three sets of new textures for the AM Guardsmen, Heavy Weapons Team and Bullgryn.
These new textures replace the non team colourable cloth parts with three different types of camo, jungle\forest, urban\snow and desert.
I have also fixed the vanilla borked Heavy Weapons Team diffuse texture as it's tc parts are coloured green when they should be neutral
ready for team colouring.

As we now have non destructive modding place the mod folder in "YOURNAME\Documents\Proxy Studios\Gladius\Mods\".