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I served ten years in the U.S Army as 11B - Light infantryman. During that time I served as a grenadier, and as I progressed than as a fire team leader. I suppose that is the most noteworthy thing I have done with my life. Is it strange to dislike the very instruments you became so proficient with after seeing the profound effect it has?


I found a wonderful escape in video games to forget the terrible things we as human beings do for the sake of freedom, religion, politics, and various other thoughtless things. I had played games prior to being in the Military but it was just recreation at the time, not a form of therapy. 


I've had a difficult time readjusting back to normal life as my perspective was completely different from where I started in life. It is still something I struggle with. I have been many things since I returned to normal life but so many things had changed after I had turned 28. I didn't feel vibrant and youthful. I felt 40 as I finally saw the world with open eyes. 


I have been a computer technician, a caregiver, a salesperson, retailer, wholesaler, manager, construction worker, a stay at home foster father, office cleaner, waiter, busboy, gas attendant, and businessman. Now, I find myself without a place of belonging and without purpose.  Gaming has become a refuge. I appreciate the little things I once took for granted. The air we breathe, fresh water, the wonderful companionship of animals, having a place to live, food to eat.. All of these and more a lot of people do not have. 


Live life and don't falter as I have. Existence is a gift. Appreciate your family, be kind when possible and embrace your lover, pets, family, and friends. 


Please endorse and encourage your favorite mod authors. Don't be a troll and always leave relevant criticisms/comments so everyone can get better.

See you in the Wasteland!

Check a look on my profile and give kudos if you like my work. It lets me know that you appreciate the effort. 

You can choose to support me through Amazon gift cards which would help me continue my modding endeavors and do something nice for the cats and/or through paypal.me/smgrinus or  Venmo me @grinus.


Update: (9/2020) Thanks to some truly amazing and caring people on the web and in RL, I have a working PC that should enabled me to accomplish some of the goals I've set for myself. I have a Digital drawing pen now, and I upgraded the system memory/SSD. I have a art tablet with screen on it's way so updates are coming for my mods, well as my artwork/doodles.



I am still in need of funding to afford a professional drawing software for actual design work necessary to complement the programming side of things.